The Cost Of Living In Paris

“Kathleen, about the reader who thinks you have to be crazy to live in France

“I like your answer but note that the VAT is 20% and not 21%. On food it is only 5.5%, 10% on restaurant bills.

“In addition, it is plain stupid to compare income or taxes. What is important is to compare what you get in exchange for your taxes and how far you go on your income.

“I do not know any of my American friends’ children who do not go to a private school. In Paris most of the kids I know go to the public school, which is the best education and free. My son wants to become a doctor. He is now in third year medical school, and the cost is a few hundred euros per year. What about a U.S. medical school?

“This is not to mention the superb health system we have, which any tourist who is sick when visiting has a chance to test. My wife had a small accident when in Florida. She paid US$3,500 to get an X-ray and a few stitches on her nose.

“I hate to tell you about the cost of food in the United States (milk for US$1.79 against 69 euro cents in Paris).

“I could go on like this. I guess this man who wrote to you gets his information on France from Fox News.

“Yours. I love reading your lines.”

–Alain C., France

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