Day 1 Of Live And Invest Overseas’ Retire Overseas Conference…

Day 1 In Nashville—Time To Get Off Your Derriere

Overheard from the more than 400 attendees at this week’s events in Nashville, Tennessee…

“I’ve been reading you for years. I’m here because I’m hoping something that you’ll say over the coming three days will inspire me to get off my derriere and finally do something. It’s time for me to stop reading and take action. I came here for you to give me a push…”

We’re doing our best.


“Our situation is a little different than most people here, probably. We aren’t here to consider options for where to retire overseas someday. We need a place to move right now. Our house sold more quickly than we expected. Now we’re renting a small apartment. We have sold everything. We have no ties. We’re ready to go!…”


“We’re thinking about Panama. Our plan is to go down there, rent a home for six months, and see what we think. If we like it, we’ll stay longer. If not, we’ll look for someplace else…”


“I’m so glad to hear the discussions from all these people who have made multiple moves. I think that’s what suits me. My husband and I have moved many times to many different countries. Now that we’re retiring, I think that’s what we need to continue doing…moving around. I think we’d be bored moving to just one place…”


“Which countries in Latin America are most dog-friendly?…”

Panama, Colombia, and Uruguay.


“Could you address the issues associated with deciding whether or not to bring your car with you?…”

Yes, we will. The short answer is: Don’t. In most cases, you’re better off leaving your car at home.


“Do you think that Paris is actually an option? Budget is not a concern for us, but I’m worried that it’s not really possible for a foreigner to live in France…”

It is possible; in fact, it can be relatively straightforward to organize residency in France as a retiree, depending on your situation. We talked through the options.


“What do we need to do to be able to live in Panama? We need a visa, right? How do we get that?”

Panama offers six easy residency options, including one of the world’s best pensionado programs for retirees. To qualify for this, you need an FBI background check (this is required when applying for most any residency visa anywhere in the world) and proof of your monthly pension income.


“I have to tell you something while my wife isn’t standing here to overhear. I just want you to know how happy I am that you’re holding this week’s conference in Nashville. I’ve been trying to convince my wife to attend one of your events with me for three years. But I couldn’t get her on a plane. Then when I saw you were coming to Nashville, I told her she no longer had an excuse. We live here. We didn’t even have to get on a plane, just drive over. Still, I had to drag her here. But now? After this morning’s sessions? She’s as excited as I am about this whole retire overseas idea…”

Kathleen Peddicord

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