Budget for Vientiane, Laos


Living Costs in Vientiane

To settle down in Vientiane for an extended stay will cost $1,065 per month in basic expenses for a retired couple. We assume you’ll stay in a serviced apartment or guest house and eat virtually all your meals out, except breakfast which is often included in the room rate.

We advise that foreigners refrain from buying real property in Vientiane , given the communist government and related lack of respect for private property. Because of potential problems in renewing a visa for longer term, we recommend serviced apartments or guest houses to start your stay.

Serviced flat or guest house

Rent$550Downtown Vientiane , within a k.m. of the fountain
HOA Fees$0
Property Taxes$0
Transportation$100Local buses or taxis around town
ElectricityIncluded in room rate
Telephone$15Cell phone, depending on use
Internet $0Public internet cafes or included in room rate
Cable TV$30Included in room rate
Household Help, fulltime$0Serviced room
Entertainment$350Includes meals away from home
Homeowner’s Insurance$0
Exchange Rate: $1=8,500 kip (Jan 09)

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