Self Sufficiency

What Is Self-Sufficiency?

Everybody has different reasons for pursuing a self-sufficient life, whether it’s to save money on electricity by making the switch to solar, wind or water or if it’s just to grow a few crops to help keep food on the table there is no wrong reason to learn to do more for yourself. To be self-sufficient means that you become a source for food and energy… to be self-sustainable means that your land will be trained to continue generating both by itself…

This means you can start building something that will last… something that will eliminate many bills and provide you food that you don’t have to purchase at the market… This means you will have security from market manipulation… This means health and wellness.

But how do you get started?

To start the journey to self-sufficiency and self-sustainability you must learn and understand your options and how to go about accomplishing them.

Below you will find several articles that explain and go into detail on several important aspects of self-sufficient and self-sustainable living.

You will learn about:

  • - Living Off-The-Grid
  • - The true definition of self-sufficiency
  • - What it really means to have a self-sustainable life
  • - How to be self-sufficient in the middle of a crisis
  • - How to make money homesteading

And much more.

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