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Santander, Spain

Santander, Spain

Everything You Need To Know 2023

Santander, Spain, offers pristine beaches, scenic mountains, and a rich cultural heritage as a port city on the northern coast of Spain. This breathtaking city beckons tourists from around the world to enjoy its mild climate, welcoming beaches, tasty seafood, and lively nightlife. Santander is the capital city of the Cantabria region of Spain.

In addition to clean, welcoming beaches, Santander offers many cultural attractions. The sprawling Santander Cathedral with its Gothic architecture is a popular tourist destination. Another favorite is Palacio de la Magdalena, a stunning palace at the top of the Magdalena peninsula that offers beautiful panoramic views of the coastline.

Cost Of Living In Santander, Spain

Compared to other big cities in Spain, Santander is an affordable place to live. The average cost of living for a couple in this northern port city is US$1,059 per month, close to the world’s average cost of living. Estimated monthly costs for a single person in Santander are US$675 without rent. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is about US$580. For a family of four, average monthly costs are around US$2,355 without rent. A three-bedroom apartment averages US$1,054 in the city center and US$791 outside of it.

Shopping and food prices in Santander are inexpensive. Santander is a seaside city that specializes in seafood, with local dishes such as rabas (fried squid), maganos (squid with onion), and fisherman-style clams. You can enjoy delicious, fresh Spanish cuisine at an affordable price at local restaurants. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs about US$12, and a three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant costs about US$42. A cappuccino costs around US$2, and domestic beer is about US$2 for a pint.

The city center of Santander is full of shopping opportunities. A pair of jeans, such as Levi’s, will cost you around US$85, while a summer dress at a chain store costs about US$26. A pair of men’s leather dress shoes averages US$75, and a pair of Nike running shoes is around US$69.

If you’re looking for affordable real estate in Spain, Santander offers great options. The average cost per square foot is US$3,155 for an apartment in the city center and US$1,895 for an apartment outside of it. The average cost of a house in Santander is US$178,151. There are many real estate agents in Santander who can help you with buying a property in or around this beautiful port city. A good real estate agent will be able to negotiate the best possible terms for your purchase.

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Things To Do In Santander, Spain

Santander offers incredible beaches, serene views, iconic palaces to visit, and a lively restaurant and bar scene. Whether you want to relax on a sandy white beach, tour castles where royalty lived, or enjoy local cuisine, Santander has something for everyone. The affordable prices and mild climate offer a relaxing, enjoyable experience for travelers year-round.

Santander’s beaches serve up seaside serenity and pristine white sand. Playa Primera del Sardinero is one of the most popular beaches in Santander and stretches for almost 2 kms. Visitors love the cleanliness of the beach, the boardwalk, and activities like surfing, walking, and sunbathing. El Sardinero is another popular beach in Santander that offers golden sand and lots of amenities. The gardens of Piquio divide the beach and a casino, restaurants, hotels, and a promenade line it.

The palaces of Santander draw tourists to this port city. Palacio de la Magdalena is a former summer home of the Spanish royal family. The elegant complex blends English, French, and regional architecture. The palace is one of the highest points in Santander and offers breathtaking views of the sea.

Santander’s museums offer a deep dive into local history. Museo Marítimo del Cantábrico is a maritime museum that showcases the rich seaside heritage of Santander. Visitors can learn about marine biology through expansive aquariums and exhibits exploring the relationship between local history and the sea. The Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria features artifacts from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages and plenty of interactive exhibits.

The Gothic Santander Cathedral attracts tourists and locals alike. It was built between the end of the 12th century and the 14th century on top of Roman ruins. The fortress-like building is two churches combined and includes religious works of art and sacred relics.

Other popular sites boast a beautiful mix of new and old architecture. Centro Botín is an arts center along the coast of Santander that offers art and cultural activities, guided tours, and a variety of events in an ultra-modern building. Plaza Porticada is a stunning neoclassical Herrerian square that offers a scenic spot for photos and taking a break from sightseeing.

Retire In Santander

With idyllic surroundings, a mild climate, excellent health care, a rich culture, and an affordable cost of living, Santander is an ideal place to retire. You’ll find the best prices and real estate deals on the outskirts of the city.

Santander Safety Information

Santander is one of the safest cities in Spain. This northern coastal city is relatively quiet and laidback, and there are no travel advisories or warnings for the area.

Moving And Visas

If you want to move to Santander, Spain, you can first visit and stay for up to 90 days without a visa. To move to Spain, you’ll need to apply for a visa. There are different visa options, including student visas, employee visas for those working in Spain, and investor visas. You can get more information on visas and schedule a visa appointment here.

Weather In Santander

The weather in Santander, Spain, is mild, without extremes of heat or cold. Summer starts in June and ends in September. The average temperature in Santander is 57°F (14°C). It rains a lot in Santander, with the rainiest days in November. Average rainfall is 47 inches per year.

Santander FAQs

Is Santander worth visiting?

Santander is a beautiful city on the northern coast of Spain and is worth visiting for its pristine beaches, rich cultural attractions, and plenty of historic sites.

What is Santander known for?

Santander is known for its white sandy beaches, mild climate, palaces and mansions, and rich cultural heritage.

Is Santander a good place to retire?

Santander is an excellent place to retire… offering a mild climate, beautiful scenery, high-quality health care, affordable prices, and a laid-back lifestyle.

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