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Climate In Malaysia

Malaysia's Climate And Seasons

Malaysia has an equatorial climate which is dominated by the monsoon season.

The temperature in all areas of Malaysia typically ranges between 70°F and 90°F throughout the year. Average annual humidity is around 80%. Mountainous regions and any area above sea level may experience cooler temperatures and lower humidity. Malaysia receives plenty of precipitation during monsoon season, but the rest of the year stays fairly dry. The average annual rainfall for Malaysia is about 100 inches, but this is distributed throughout the country and occurs mostly during monsoon season.

Overall Malaysia’s weather is warm and tropical (and suffers almost no natural disasters), but the unrelenting heat and humidity are not for everyone.

As in any country, weather depends on your region, but generally Malaysia enjoys a warm, sunny climate with little temperature fluctuation from season to season.

Malaysian Rainy Season (monsoon season): May to September in the Southwest; November to March in the Northeast.

Malaysian Dry Season: April to December in the Northeast; October to April in the Southwest.

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