Conference Attendees Consider Their Options For Retiring Overseas

“Kathleen, I’m Here To Find Out If You’re For Real”

“Kathleen, I have to tell you the truth,” began the Retire Overseas Conference attendee who pulled me aside in the hotel hallway yesterday morning…

“I came here to find out if you’re for real. 

“I’ve been reading your emails and spending time on your website for months. I’ve bought several of your products. And it all seemed great. Too great, maybe. Maybe too good to be true, you know? 

“So, when I read about this event here in Orlando this week, I thought to myself, this is my chance. I decided to come to meet you and everyone from Live and Invest Overseas in person. To see for myself, you know… if you all are for real.” 

I stood silently, smiling, waiting for the other shoe to drop… 

“Then, Sunday afternoon, when you got up in front of the room and started talking, I knew. Listening to you, I knew. It’s all real. It’s everything you write about. It’s everything you say it is. 

“I build websites for a living,” the conference attendee continued, “so I know how they can work. In today’s web world, it’s easy to create something from nothing. That was my fear. That’s why I’m here. And I’m so glad I came…” 

“Now I understand,” began another conference-goer I spoke with yesterday. “It’s all about options. This is a marketplace of options…” 

“Kathleen, you probably won’t remember,” said one gentleman, “but my wife and I met you at your conference in Panama last year.” 

Panama city skyine and cinta costera main street by the ocean
Panama is still a great option for overseas living at any age

“I’m delighted to see you again,” I replied, “but, if you don’t mind my asking, if you were at our recent event in Panama… what are you doing here in Orlando now? Or did you change your mind about Panama?”

“No, no,” laughed the man as he looked over at his wife. 

“Listen,” he continued, “Panama was great, and we accomplished so much.

“Look,” he said with a big smile as he pulled a card out from his wallet. “We were even able to get our residency visas while we were in Panama for your event. But we still have questions. Our experiences in Panama just primed the pump for us… so here we are, hungry for more…” 

“Kathleen,” said another man with a purpose, “I’m here to learn everything I can about Belize. That’s where I’m going, and I want to know all there is to know about that country.” 

“Here’s the guy you want to speak with,” I replied, leading the attendee across the room by his elbow. “This is Phil Hahn,” I continued, as we approached Phil. “Phil is our resident Belize expert-expat. Phil, this gentleman has some questions for you…” 

“Kathleen, how can I access my Social Security income from another country?” (Via an ATM, I explained, is the easiest, most cost-efficient way anywhere in the world.) 

“I’m interested in an agricultural investment. What would you suggest?” (Five productive land investments were represented here this week, from mangos in Panama to farmland in Cayo.) 

“How do I file my FBAR?” wondered one attendee… 

“Do you think Ecuador will continue using the U.S. dollar?” asked another, “and is that a good thing or a bad thing for those of us with U.S. dollar-denominated retirement accounts?”

“What part of my investment income qualifies for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion?” inquired a third. (None is the answer. Only earned income qualifies.) 

“Where is the most affordable place to retire well in Latin America?”… 

“Which is more affordable—rural France or rural Italy?”… 

“Would you recommend investing in an apartment on the coast of Spain right now? Prices are way, way down, but does it make sense to buy?” (We’d recommend the coast of Portugal over the coast of Spain…)

“What are my best health insurance options in Asia? In Europe?”… 

“Best beach in Vietnam?”… 

“Best jurisdiction for incorporating a business offshore?”… 

“Is the cost of electricity much greater in Panama than in the United States?”… 

“If I bought a home overseas using funds from my self-directed IRA, could I rent it from myself?”… (No!)

“Could I continue to use TurboTax to prepare my tax return when living overseas?”… (Yes!)

Here in Orlando this week, my team and I answered these and hundreds of other questions in full, live and in person. It was great fun.

And also, I have to admit, a bit fatiguing. My team and I are moving slowly this morning as we transition from conference mode back to our usual routines. 

Already, though, we’re looking ahead to future chances to spend time one-on-one with our dear readers. Next up: Our Live and Invest in France event taking place in Paris Oct. 23-25.

If you were in the room with us here in Orlando this week, please know that we so enjoyed our time together.

Stay in touch. We’ll all be on the edges of our seats waiting to hear about your adventures overseas as they unfold.

Bon voyage.

Kathleen Peddicord

French Course Online