The World’s Top 21 Overseas Retirement Havens

“Kathleen, I am a big-time fan of you and Lief and will be moving to Cuenca very soon thanks to your good data.

“But I have a problem with both of you and that is why in the world do you both persist in not including the full name for people whose comments you publish? Can you not understand that anyone you have helped would/should be most willing for you to use their full name? I, and many others, automatically discount what a ‘Martha P.’ and ‘C.T.,’ etc., have to say because it seems for all the world as if you’re just making up those ‘names.’

“Suggest you at least come up with an explanation about why you do this. I personally know quite a few people who automatically turn off whenever these bogus-sounding quotes are used.

“Happy day and take good care.”

–Taber McMordie, United States (and you may absolutely use my full name for whatever is honest)

We figure our readers value their privacy.

For the record, we’ve never invented or embellished a reader comment we’ve published. No need to. Our inboxes overflow with real reader mail. We receive hundreds of reader emails every day.


“Kathleen, I truly love the articles that you publish, but I for one like places outside the United States that have few expats.

“I want to interact with the local population and learn the language as well as the culture. That’s why I want to move, for the difference. It almost seems that you have invested in places like Ecuador. There so many beautiful cities in the world. I would you to cover different places each month, instead of the same ones over and over again…”

–Daniel C., United States

We agree. The world is full of many great options.

We’ve identified 21 of them for our 2014 Retire Overseas Index, which we have delivered to subscribers to our Overseas Retirement Letter this week and which we will share with attendees at our Retire Overseas Conference in Nashville next week.

This year’s survey features longtime favorites (such as Ecuador) but new options, too…including some surprises…

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Your New Life In Panama


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