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Health Care In Argentina

Affordable, Quality Health Care In Argentina

With a system of universal health care in Argentina, everyone is guaranteed access to public health care, regardless of residency status. Still, most people who utilize the public health care system are lower-income. Those who can, or those who have the money, choose to get their care through private health-insurance providers. Public hospitals often are overwhelmed and have lines that wrap around the block, while obtaining private care is usually much faster.

You also can choose to purchase health insurance through any of the private providers in Argentina, an affordable option when compared with somewhere like the United States. You are not required to be a resident or have a particular visa; all you have to do is head in with some form of identification, pick a plan that works for you, and then pay the monthly cost.

Foreigners are often in awe of how much health care is covered and provided in Argentina, from dental fillings, extensive prenatal care, surgeries, and hospital stays. Most private plans will even cover you seeing professional such as therapists and nutritionists at little to no extra cost to you beyond what you pay monthly—even if you are on only a basic plan. Quality health care extends to mental health, which is not at all a taboo subject in Argentina. Most Argentines have regular sessions with their psychologist and openly talk with friends about going to their sessions. Argentina actually has more psychologists per capita than anywhere else in the world, and more than half are in Buenos Aires.

You’ll easily find doctors across all disciplines who are bilingual and practice in English—and some even have third or fourth languages they also work in.

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