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Montenegro, Kotor

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Old World Charm On The Adriatic

Kotor was pretty much unknown to the wider world, before the early 2000s. Since then, the spectacular natural scenery, and UNESCO World Heritage Site architecture have been drawing people from across the world.

Kotor has an interesting history, it dates back to ancient Greek times, and takes its name from the Greek word of Katareo which means hot. Legend has it that the original town was built by the Argonauts after their quest for the Golden Fleece. The town grew during Roman times, and during the Middle Ages the Emperor Justinian built the castle there, after defeating the Goths. The town was

Kotor is in the west-central part of the Balkans at the south of the Alps. It sits on a natural fjord and the bay is regularly voted as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Cost Of Living On Kotor

Apartment or House Rental Budget for Kotor, Montenegro

Rent‎€600Two bedroom apartment or house with pool in historic section; difficult to find unfurnished homes here..
Transportation€40For taxi rides and monthly bus pass.
Electricity€150Gas and water is included in electricity bill.
Internet and Cable€22For a basic cable and internet package.
Cell Phone€11Basic plan.
Household Help€144Two four-hour visits per week; 4.50 per hour.
Entertainment€375Movie tickets: 5.50 per person; dinner and drinks for two: 30-60; drinks for two: 12.
Groceries€266Basic items for a couple
Medical Appointment€24A basic doctor/clinic appointment; per hour.
Total Monthly Expenses€1,464


Map Of Kotor, Montenegro

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