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Climate In Paraguay

What To Expect From The Climate In Paraguay

The climate in Paraguay is subtropical to temperate. Due to its extensive geography, it features various types of weather. A subtropical Climate in the Parareña region, and tropical climate near the Chaco. The country experiences substantial rainfall in the eastern portions and is becoming semiarid in the far west. Paraguay has an agreeable climate with not too many extremes—summer from October through March, and winter from May until August. The coldest month is July, with average temperatures of about 17°C (62°F), while January, the warmest month, sees temperatures typically close to 30°C (83°F).

Climate in Asunción

Asunción presents a great climate because of its position in the region. It enjoys a Tropical Savannah Climate, which makes its temperatures stand between a cozy 18 C° (65 F°), and 25 C° (78 F°). It gets colder between May and August, but no snowfall has ever been registered in Asunción.

Asunción also presents one of the lowest precipitation averages in the region, without actually falling in Drought. Asunción has registered a maximum of 2000 mm and a minimum of 560 mm of annual precipitation, while other regions tend to go around 3000 mm and 750 mm.

When To Come To Paraguay

Stations in Paraguay are not well defined, as warm temperatures are present for most of the year. Furthermore, abundant precipitations year round can bring sudden weather changes, mostly on transitional stations (Autumn and Spring).


Going from late November to late March, this is the warmest station of the year. Temperatures and humidity tend to be high, and precipitations peak during this period. Median temperatures range between 35 C° and scorching 45 C°, and the lowest median temperatures mark between 25 C° – 30 C°, being the north warmer than the south.


From late March to late June. It keeps warm during the beginning of the period, but after the first autumn storms, the climate turns much more temperate and enjoyable. Median temperatures range between the warm 31 C° – 33 C° mostly in March, and the lowest median temperatures mark between a much enjoyable 25-22 C° in June.


Winter in Paraguay comprises late June through late September. It’s characterized for being cooler in the afternoon and chilly by night/mornings.

Paraguayan winter is a combination of fresh and warmth. It is widely considered an irregular station because all types of climates can develop. The temperature in some days can go from 0 C° and all the way to 30°C. This the period with least amount of precipitation.


Spring goes from late September to late December, and turns again warm on afternoons, while being fresher during evenings. Precipitations come back again, but are scattered. Maximum median temperature in this period goes from  a pleasant 25 to warm 31 C°, and lowest median temperature ranges between 19 C° to 23 C°.

Monthly Average Temperatures for Asunción, Paraguay

MonthsMonthly Average (Celcius)Monthly Average (Fahrenheit)

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