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Olango Island, Philippines

Olango Island: A Land of Natural Delights

Olango Island lies 5 kilometers east of Mactan Island, between the islands of Cebu and Bohol. Olango and its neighboring islets have a total land mass area of about 4 square miles. English speakers will have no difficulty at all here, as English is an official language of the Philippines and most people are fluent.

Tropical Olango Island offers much to explore in the way of natural delights, from sandy beaches and rocky shorelines to beds of sea grass, forests of mangrove, and reefs of coral. A reef lagoon surrounds Olango Island and is one of the most extensive reef areas in the Central Visayas. (The Visayas are one of the three principal geographical regions of the Philippines.) To get to Olango you take a 20-minute boat ride across the sea channel from Cebu.

The bird sanctuary on Olango Island is a haven for enthusiastic bird-watchers; you’ll see migratory species from places as far flung as Russia, Mongolia and New Zealand.

The weather is hot and humid, but fortunately Olango is protected by outlying islands from the fierce typhoon winds that beat the island of Luzon most years.

Olango Island is a retirement option for the adventurous at heart, it’s back to basics in the most genuine way, but if you have ever dreamed of escaping to a peaceful tropical island then Olango could be for you.

Cost of Living on Olango Island

The biggest appeal for this part of the world is the cost of living. It can be extremely low, as little as US$600 a month on Olango.

Rent on Olango is considerably less expensive than in Cebu or Mactan. It’s possible to rent an apartment for less than US$100 a month, and monthly electricity bills can be as little as US$20.

You won’t need to run a car on Olango Island, but you will need to allow for regular trips to Cebu or Mactan for supplies. There is a regular ferry from Mactan, but it is also possible to negotiate your own price with a boat-owner, or share the journey with friends.

Budget for Living in Olango Island

ExpenseMonthly CostNotes
RentPHP 4,430
Gas (bottled)PHP 792Used for cooking.
ElectricityPHP 1,100No air conditioning installed.
Water (non-drinking)N/AIncluded with rent.
TelephoneN/ANo landline available on property.
InternetPHP 880Wireless.
Cable TVPHP 599
GroceriesPHP 8,800
EntertainmentPHP 1,100
TotalPHP 17,701

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