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Real Estate In The Philippines

Real Estate In The Philippines

The Philippines restrict foreign ownership to condos and in any given building foreigners can own only up to 40% of the units. Still, this country makes sense for both retirement and investment. Real estate prices in some parts of it are unbelievably cheap. Focus on the more active areas where you would have an easier time reselling on the local market. You don’t want to be limited by having to find another expat buyer when you decide to resell.

Foreigners can apply for land leases for up to 50 years, renewable for another 25 years.

Foreigners cannot own land in the Philippines. Corporations can own land, but the corporation cannot be more than 40% foreign-owned. Foreigners married to Filipinos can own land under the spouse’s name. If the Filipino spouse dies or the couple separates, the land cannot be transferred to the foreign spouse.

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