Climate In Vietnam

What Is The Climate In Vietnam?

Vietnam has a tropical climate which is dominated by the monsoon season.

The temperature in Vietnam typically ranges between 70°F and 95°F throughout the year. Average annual humidity is around 85%. Vietnam receives the majority of its precipitation during monsoon season, but the rest of the year also receives regular rainfall. The average annual rainfall is about 40 inches.

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate with high humidity but its varied terrain means the temperature and seasons will vary across the different regions. The winter, or dryer season, is approximately from November to April.  The mountains in the north can get much cooler, if not cold, in the months of December and January. There is no clear “best time” to go to Vietnam as all regions, in all seasons, see their fair share of sun and rain.

Vietnam has three distinct regional weather patterns. The far north of Vietnam is mountainous and its high altitudes can sometimes experience snow and freezing temperatures. In Northern Vietnam, winter (November to April) is cool and dry and summer (May to October) is hot, humid, and rainy (July to September has the highest rainfall).

Central Vietnam is hot and dry in the summer (January to August) and cool and rainy in winter, with monsoon-level rains in October and November.

Southern Vietnam has constant warm temperatures. Here the seasons are simple: rainy (May to November) and dry (November to May).

As in any country, weather depends on your region, but generally Vietnam enjoys a warm, sunny climate with some temperature fluctuation from region to region.

Vietnamese Rainy Season (monsoon season): May to October

Vietnamese Dry Season: November to April

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