Climate in Brazil

A sunny day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Due to its large landmass and diverse landscape, there are variations in the climate of Brazil depending on which region you look at. The weather in Brazil is mostly warm and balmy, but becomes seasonal and temperate in the far south as you approach Uruguay and Argentina. On most of the coast, a pleasant onshore breeze keeps the temperatures in check. Most of the country and its population lies within the tropical climate zone.

Map depicting the climate regions in Brazil. Source: Wikipedia

Temperatures for Major Cities

Temperatures by Month in Fortazelea
Months Monthly Average (Celsius) Monthly Average (Fahrenheit)
January 27.3°C 81.1°F
February 26.7°C 80.1°F
March 26.3°C 79.3°F
April 26.5°C 79.7°F
May 26.3°C 79.3°F
June 25.9°C 78.6°F
July 25.7°C 78.3°F
August 26.1°C 79.0°F
September 26.6°C 79.9°F
October 27.0°C 80.6°F
November 27.2°C 81.0°F
December 27.3°C 81.1°F


Temperatures by Month in Maceio
Months Monthly Average (Celsius) Monthly Average (Fahrenheit)
January 26.2°C 79.2°F
February 26.3°C 79.3°F
March 25.3°C 77.5°F
April 25.9°C 78.6°F
May 25.1°C 77.2°F
June 24.3°C 75.7°F
July 23.7°C 74.7°F
August 23.5°C 74.3°F
September 23.9°C 75.0°F
October 24.1°C 75.4°F
November 24.4°C 75.9°F
December 24.8°C 76.6°F


Temperatures by Month in Rio de Janeiro
Months Monthly Average (Celsius) Monthly Average (Fahrenheit)
January 26.2°C 79.2°F
February 26.5°C 79.3°F
March 26.0°C 77.5°F
April 24.5°C 78.6°F
May 23.0°C 77.2°F
June 21.5°C 75.7°F
July 21.3°C 74.7°F
August 21.8°C 74.3°F
September 21.8°C 75.0°F
October 22.8°C 75.4°F
November 24.2°C 75.9°F
December 25.2°C 76.6°F

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