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Work In France

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Work In France: What To Know

Living and working in France is an intriguing prospect for anyone who wants to live in a foreign country that offers a high quality of life and the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. Before you think about finding work in France, here are some factors to take into consideration regarding international living.

Overview For Expats in France

Working in France requires meticulous planning and reliable information. Some of the most important aspects of living and working in France include:

  • Finding the best services for relocation
  • Obtaining a working in France visa
  • Finding housing
  • Finding international schools for your children
  • Proficiency in French for business

Requirements to Work in France

You can enter France without a visa and stay for 90 days if you’re working in France on a part-time basis and spending the remainder of your time in your home country. If you’re in France longer than 90 days, before you leave the United States, you’ll need a long-stay visa on your passport.

If becoming a permanent resident of France is your north, you must be able to take care of yourself financially. In the case you find a job in France and become a permanent resident, you can have dual residency in the United States and France. Here is a list of the work in France visa, permit, or degree permits required for jobs in France.

Skills and Talents Work Permit

This permit is for work projects that will improve economic conditions in France or their home country. The permit is obtained from the French consulate in their country or the Préfecture if the person seeking the permit is currently in France. The permit is good for three years and allows family members to have a Private and Family Life permit, allowing them to live and work in France.

Temporary Work and Residence Permits

The difference between the temporary and residence permits is the temporary contract lasts less than a year. The temporary residence permit is for contracts that last at least a year. The employer must show proof to the authorities that they haven’t been able to find a French employee. The employer must provide the same salary, accommodations, and salaries for foreign employees that they offer to French citizens.

Employer On Assignment Work Permit

This is the traditional permit used for managers, skilled employees, expats, and highly-aid professionals. The permit allows an employee to work for a company in France or another company within the same business group for three years. It also allows your family to live in France on the Private and Family Life Permit.

Seasonal Workers and Academics Permit

Seasonal permits are ideal for academics and workers who live outside France but work for between three and six months for a consecutive 12 month period. Family members may not live in France during the time you’re working or teaching. Academics that hold a Master’s degree can conduct research or teach in France at a university or institution that’s endorsed by your country’s French Consulate. Under this program, their family may live with them in France.

Work Opportunities in France

If you’ve earned a degree, it’s easier to secure a job with a large, national or multi-national company. Another suggestion is to research companies in your home country that have offices in France before you commit to moving. When you’re determining how to get a job in France, reputable recruitment agencies can assist you. Another good source is The American Library in Paris which has a message board with listings of jobs. Consulates or Embassies sometimes have employment opportunities, but you’ll have to have a good knowledge of spoken and written French.

English Speaking Jobs in France

It may be easier to get in the door to take English speaking jobs in France if you can’t find the ideal job situation at first. There are hundreds of jobs for expats in Paris and other regions around the country. English speaking jobs in Paris are abundant for educators in international schools or those who wish to teach English to French speakers. Management, construction, business marketing, and engineering positions are abundant in areas outside the main cities.

Living in the City of Light is the dream of many expats. Furthermore, since there are so many English speaking jobs in Paris, it’s a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to live in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Paris is the ideal city in which to live if you don’t have a car or prefer to walk. Grocery stores, cafes, wine shops, and parks are all within a 15-minute walk from any area in the central part of Paris. Museums, nightclubs, and restaurants abound in central Paris.

Self-Employment or Entrepreneurship in France

Setting up a business in France isn’t difficult. Many entrepreneurs choose France to open their business because it’s easier to set up than in some European countries and can usually be accomplished in about five days. There’s no charge to set up a business in France.

A good advice is to approach entrepreneurship with good knowledge of France’s work and tax laws. They are the creators of the word bureaucracy, after all. It is known work laws in France can feel like a minefield for some employers, especially for expats that don’t have a solid grasp of these laws, and are used to the American way.

Additional Details About Work In France

Even if you’re qualified for the highest paying jobs, you must be proficient in French to be considered for these jobs. In France, a lot of jobs are obtained through professional and personal contacts. You must be patient when searching for that ideal opportunity. If you can’t get the job you want right away, be flexible and take something else on a temporary basis. The industries experiencing the most growth are:

  • Banking
  • Research and Development
  • Engineering

English speaking jobs in Paris and other densely populated cities are in demand, and jobs in the public sector, caregiving, and tourism are viable options. When you’re working out the details of how to get a job in France, keep in mind that you may be able to start the process from your home. However, the company you’re applying to will want to interview you in person.

If you find a job in France that meets your requirements, you’ll be paying tax rates according to your income level. International students can take advantage of internships or work placement programs. The France work week is another incentive for workers. The law states that the France work week is 35 hours long. Most workers get one or two hours off for lunch and are guaranteed at least five weeks of vacation.

Finding work in France offers the international employee the opportunity for a diverse and casual lifestyle with a high standard of living.

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