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Live In Ireland

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Living in the Emerald Isle

Deciding to live in Ireland can be an exciting and life-changing experience where you will discover the enchanted land of green fields, stone castles, and pub loving folk.

Those living in Ireland’s capital city Dublin will continue to see development in a more European direction. A recently modernized public transport system is a long overdue boon to those living in Ireland today.

While living in Ireland you will discover that many of the significant events in Irish life are still celebrated in the Pub – Births, Weddings, Funerals and all other major events. It’s part of the culture and history of the Island.

Reasons for Living in Ireland

There are many reasons for living in Ireland, some of which include:

  • Real Irish Culture is re-emerging, in fact, life in Ireland is returning to its old self after the Excesses of the Celtic Tiger.
  • For the avid golfer, to live in Ireland is to avail of the multitude of world class golf courses.
  • Ireland’s ‘Sunny’ Southeast will have plenty to explore as old estates, castles and old gardens abound.
  • If you enjoy a rich entertainment and cultural history, you’ll happily find it right at your fingertips.
  • The cost of purchasing your own home is still very reasonable in many culturally rich cities.
  • Great health care facilities are available throughout the country.
  • Safety is paramount among the Irish.

History of Ireland

While living in Ireland you will find the adventurous spirit of ‘Brendan the Navigator” (who reportedly discovered the Americas in the 9th Century in a leather canoe) in the locals you meet.

For those living close to Country Kerry, acquaint yourself with the story of Tom Crean, Ireland’s other great navigational and exploratory hero, who traveled on 3 great Antarctic Expeditions.

And make sure you check out the Dunbrody Famine Ship in New Ross, a testament to the period of misery and suffering that is still etched in the Irish Psyche today.

Social Life in Ireland

There is a vibrant social life available to those living in Ireland.

Living in Ireland is more affordable than it was during the Celtic Tiger. Yet still, to live in Ireland is to live in one of the more expensive destinations in the world, but Ireland now arguably has the facilities and amenities it needs to show herself to be a modern cosmopolitan country.

The cost of living in Ireland has seriously benefitted from the advent of low cost but high quality European retailers like Aldi and Lidl.

Ireland’s health care system ranks 13th of 34 European Countries and private medical treatment is even higher quality. For this type of care, private health insurance is recommended.

Where to Live in Ireland

Its easy to live out your retirement in Ireland but remember that inevitably when you live in Ireland, expect the weather to be ‘Mild, moist and changeable’ almost every day!

Most Tourists can live in Ireland for 90 days without a visa, once they can show they can support themselves and their dependents. For those who choose to start a new life in Ireland, it is common to live or at least vacation on the startlingly beautiful west coast.

Living in Ireland with mobility issues will have less hassle in larger towns and cities than in rural villages.

Investment in Ireland

International Investors are returning and once again have a big impact on business life in Ireland. Observers hope that another real estate bubble distort market prices locally.

We strongly recommend anyone considering living in Ireland to rent first before buying. When living in Ireland it is easier to keep an eye on fluctuations in the property market.

If you don’t want to pay income tax in Ireland you’ll want to keep your time there below 182 days per year, or 365 days over 2 years.

When considering making a life in Ireland start your research on real estate sites such as or the Allsop Allspace Auctions where great deals can be still found.

Nowadays if you live in Ireland and own property there are now modest property taxes to be paid – (less than 1/4% of assessed Value).

New Meaning of Life in Ireland

Life in Ireland is an education in immigration and racial diversity, with the past’s monoculture now gone, an eclectic mix of ethnicities and creeds make modern Ireland a more vibrant culture.

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