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Moving To Ireland, A Land of Natural Beauty And A Laid-back Lifestyle

For both the visitor and those thinking about relocating to Ireland, the Emerald Isle has so much to offer, from its beautiful landscape, with its rocky coastal areas, luscious green hills, tranquil Lakelands, and vibrant urban areas, to the country’s rich history filled with ancient myths, legends, invasions, and battles. Indeed, these are but a few of the reasons many are enticed to move to Ireland, some making it their new home in retirement.

Afraid you’ll miss your friends back home once you’ve made your move to Ireland? Chances are, you’ll be making new ones easily. The Irish are a gregarious bunch who love their traditions and are proud of their heritage. The people are jovial and enjoy a good joke or gag. Singing, dancing, and enjoying time with friends and family is an important part of the Irish lifestyle. It’s no wonder this is one of the greatest places to retire.

Besides, after relocating to Ireland, all your old friends can visit easily. If they are nationals of the United States or Canada, they won’t need to meet any special visa requirements and will be able to stay for 90 days at a time. Their only problem will be, if after immersing themselves into the laidback lifestyle of the Emerald Isle, they decide to take the plunge and move to Ireland themselves.

For all its charms, relocating to Ireland is not on the cheap side. If you learn to avoid some of the more expensive areas, though, you’ll find that moving to Ireland can offer you a relaxing, rewarding environment for your long-awaited retirement days. In many areas of the country, you can get by on about US$2,500 per month.

As with anyone thinking of moving to Ireland, or any other country for that matter, we recommend getting your boots on the ground and finding the area of Ireland that best suits your lifestyle before packing up and making the move. Once you have found the place that you would like to call home, your move to Ireland can be straightforward. Again, for North Americans, there is no visa required to enter the country.

The Challenges Of Moving To Ireland

When considering relocating to Ireland there are many factors that will determine if this is the right place for you, especially because the cost of living in Ireland is not likely to be cheaper than that of your current location. Choosing to live in the countryside can help you stretch your dollars, but even so, the cost of moving to Ireland can set you back a pretty penny. Consider that, for those thinking to retire here from outside the EEA, Ireland has in place stringent requirements that stem from a desire of preventing newcomers from becoming a burden on the State. This category of person moving to Ireland must show they are financially independent, with a minimum annual income of 50,000 euros per person (100,000 euros if filing jointly as a couple).

Other requirements for retirees moving to Ireland include having enough savings to cover the purchase of a home there, with the additional burden of pledging not to engage in employment or starting a business once they have relocated to Ireland.

Becoming a citizen makes moving to Ireland an easier prospect. Several paths to citizenship are already in place for which you may already qualify. You can become an Irish citizen by descent if one or both of your parents (or grandparents) are Irish, irrespective of where you were born in the world. To claim your Irish citizenship, you must have your birth registered with the Foreign Births Registry.

Naturalization is another option, yet one better suited for individuals who have already moved to Ireland as it requires living there for five out of the last nine years to be eligible to apply. Of course, if you married an Irish national (or formed part of a civil union), you would be eligible for naturalized citizenship but you would still have to initiate an application process after 3 years of residency in Ireland.

Ireland’s Citizen’s Information Board, the statutory body which supports the provision of information, advice and advocacy for the country’s public and social services, provides an in-depth explanation for obtaining Irish citizenship.

Moving Household Goods To Ireland

Shipping your household goods is a definite consideration when preparing for a move to Ireland. We recommend locating a trusted and reliable shipping agent that has experience in relocating to Ireland. The process, while straightforward, will require working with a company experienced with dealing with Irish customs in order to handle all the forms you’ll need to make your move to Ireland go smoothly, including making sure your effects that qualify enter the country free of import duties.

Keep in mind that for electronics, they won’t work in Ireland if they are designed for use with 110 volt circuit.

Move To Ireland: Take It Or Leave It?

When making the move to Ireland one thing that you must consider is what to take with you and what to purchase in Ireland. This can be a tall order, as many people form sentimental connections with all of their belongings. One thing is for sure, you will need to decide for yourself what you are willing to part with and what you need to keep. For many North Americans planning to move to Ireland, the availability of Amazon and Ebay allows them to part with items much easier, as a quick online purchase can easily replace just about any small item you desire.

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