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Work In Ireland

Working In Ireland As A Foreigner

As an expat looking to work in Ireland, options exist for local employment. However, to start working in Ireland, you will need to find an employer willing to sponsor you and arrange for your work permit. General Employment Permits are issued by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation, but the position will need to pay US$33,000 to have a permit issued. If a company requires specialized personnel that is not readily available to work in Ireland, for example, it is permitted to hire technical or specialized staff. For this reason, individuals who speak non-EU languages are also given special consideration. The upside to obtaining a permit is that you can work at your job in Ireland with all the rights citizens of the EU enjoy.

Foreigners can find work in a variety of industries, including:

  • construction
  • embassies
  • hospitality
  • retail
  • sales
  • sciences
  • technology

If you have a particular skill, especially one that is in high demand or is difficult to find in Ireland, you will have a better chance finding a job. As with many things here, finding a job in Ireland can be easier once you have developed connections. Over the past decade, in large part due to technological improvement, jobs have become much easier to find without having established a presence in the country. Websites such as,, and have regularly posted positions.

Bringing Your Work to Ireland

One of the best options for work in Ireland is simply to move your current job there. If you are a mobile professional, it’s worth considering making your base in Ireland. Many web-based and creative businesses have already found a home here alongside other large and established businesses.

Starting a Business in Ireland

Ireland, much like the United States, values entrepreneurship and works hard to attract future business development. You will quickly find opportunities to start working in Ireland for yourself, if only to materialize a business or service you are missing from back home. Entrepreneurs with foresight and a little business acumen stand to make substantial gains. The immigrant investor and start up entrepreneur programs have also been set up to make getting on the ground easier to work in Ireland. There are a few restrictions are placed on foreigners interested in owning and operating businesses, but not as many as in the general employment sector.

Here are a few ideas of businesses to start in Ireland:

  • Consulting group
  • Import/export operation
  • Web-based business

With the right plan in place you will find the right opportunity that will allow you to work in Ireland.

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