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Paraguay Location

Just Where Is Paraguay?

A map of South America with Paraguay highlighted in red.

Location Of Paraguay

Located in South America, Paraguay is a landlocked country that covers 397,302 square kilometers of land, and 9,450 square kilometers of water. This makes it the 60th largest nation in the world with a total area of 406,752 square kilometers.  It is bordered by Brazil to the northeast and east, Bolivia to the northwest and Argentina to the south and southwest.  Because of its position it has been nicknamed the Heart of South America.

Paraguay has many rivers, the largest three of which make up most of the nation’s borders. The Paraguay River divides the country into two distinct regions, East or Paranena, where most of the and West or Chaco.  The Paranena region is characterized by fertile land, hills, mountains and subtropical forests and is where most of the population lives.  The Chaco region is mostly low plains and marsh.

Map Of Paraguay

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