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Cost Of Living In Spain

Budgeting for Life in Spain

Spain is one of the cultural centers of Europe, a place where the people celebrate life, dance the flamenco, and enjoy wine and tapas. This birthplace of such great artists as Picasso and Salvador Dali, rich with history and fantastic old architecture mixed in with the modern new, is not quite as expensive as you may have thought. In some areas, it’s very affordable.

Spain is so diversified…there’s a place for every type of expat from a single retiree to a couple with children. The key to a happy life in Spain is finding the area that suits you. If you’re a culture vulture, you may appreciate Barcelona, Seville, or Madrid. If it’s sun, sand, and sea you’re after, take a look at the Costas. Even if it’s a green and seasonal area you seek, you have the northern Atlantic coast. It’s all available in Spain, and you can enjoy life there for less than US$2,000 per month.

Cost of Living in Spain Monthly Budget in US$
Rent US$700
HOA Fee 0
Property Taxes 0
Transportation 25
Gas (bottled for cooking) 30
Electricity 48
Water (inc. in apartment fees) 17
Telephone (inc ADSL, TV) 47
Internet inc
Cable TV inc
Household Help 160
Food 200
Entertainment 100
Health Insurance (AARO – Hosp Plan) 434
Travel 100
Miscellaneous $40
Total Monthly Expenses US$1,941

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