ArgentinaFlagPlenty of Options: From Cosmopolitan Buenos Aires To Mendoza Wine Country

Late 2001, the Argentines removed the peg between their peso and the U.S. dollar...devaluing the Argentine currency, which fell, at its lowest point, to 4:1 against the Greenback. This crisis situation opened a window of opportunity during which savvy investors, led by our editors, bought primo Buenos Aires apartments for one-fourth their former values...and expansive tracts of land elsewhere in the country for $25 an acre and less.

This is a market of big ups and downs, and values have risen steadily since the 2001 crisis. Today, though, Argentina continues to offer some of the best land values in the world. Indeed, this is the best place we know to shop if you're in the market for a big spread to call your own

It's also the place to look if you've ever day-dreamed about producing your own fruit of the vine. You could invest in a planted vineyard...or establish one of your own. Argentine wines have historically been consumed primarily in-country but are increasingly exported, and the country's Malbec grape is making a name for itself worldwide.

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Population 42,192,494 (July 2012 est.)
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) $435.2 billion (2011 est.)
GDP Per Capita $17,400 (2011)
Inflation Rate 22 % (2010 est.)
Currency Argentine Peso (ARS)
Exchange Rate Versus U.S. Dollar 4.132 pesos per 1 U.S. dollar (2011)
Language Spanish (official), Italian, English, German, French
Capital Buenos Aires
Population of Capital City 13 million
Time Zone GMT minus 3 (Three hours ahead of Washington D.C. during Standard Time)
Seasons Subtropical to subpolar;
North: hot summers, mild, drier winters
Central: hot summers, cool winters
South: warm summers, cold winters
International Dialing Code 54
Electricity 220V / 50Hz; Plug Types: C, I
System of Government Federal Presidential Republic
Name and Party Affiliation
of Current Leader
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Justicialist Party
Income Tax Rate for Residents 9% to 35%
Property Tax 1.25% (0% in Buenos Aires)
Capital Gains Tax None
Inheritance Tax None
Rental Income Tax 35%
Transfer Tax 1.5% , Notary fee: 1-2%
Sales Tax 21%
Restrictions on Foreign
Ownership of Property
Foreigners need approval to buy in security zones (international borders)
Local Chamber of Commerce
Av. Leandro N. Alem 36
C1003AAN Buenos Aires
Tel. 5411-5300-9000
American Chamber of Commerce
Viamonte 1133 Piso 8
C1053ABW Buenos Aires
Tel. 5411-4371-4500
Primary Exports soybeans, petroleum, gas, vehicles, corn,
Residency and Visa Requirements Tourist Visa: automatic 90 days upon entry
Residency: work, study, investor, retirement,
rentista, medical treatment, and cultural
Citizenship: after uninterrupted documented
residency of at least three years

Residents or Retirees
Bringing USD is not free, you lose about 0.8-1% of money brought in, and up to 2% if using a broker when buying properties.
National Airline Aerolineas Argentinas