March 23, 2011:

"Kathleen, I so enjoy your e-mails and look forward to attending your Orlando seminar in the fall. Here's a question I have that other readers may also have: What should a future expat consider if he/she is single and looking to relocate overseas on his or her own?

"I'm in my 50s, female, and not necessarily looking for romance...but you never know. Really, I would like to know about what it would be like to be single in certain locales. I'm especially interested right now in Ecuador, Panama, Uruguay, and possibly southern France..."

--Diane O., United States


"Kathleen, there is a topic that has not addressed that I am aware of that I think needs discussion. That is of single women who are interested in relocating on their own to a Spanish-speaking country.

"I had a friend who had to give up her farm in Belize because, after her husband left, the men workers would not do anything she asked them to do!

"I think there is a huge potential market among women interested in living in inexpensive warm places.

"I like your style, Kathleen, and I would love it if you would tell us the whole truth about the possibilities or no possibilities in this regard..."

--Christie O., United States


"Kathleen, I hope you will include more thoughts on single women moving abroad alone. It's a daunting thing when you have always lived in the United States surrounded by friends and family.

"Thanks for your newsletter and especially your comments about 'know thyself.' That is very important because there is more to life than the cost of living..."

--Lori T., United States


"I am a single woman and all of your material seems geared to couples. I currently live in rural New Mexico and have had difficulties over the years because I am a single woman.

"I will be living off of my Social Security in retirement and so will not have a large income. I enjoy gardening and will be looking for a rural piece of property where I could grow food. I am considering Central America.

"Can you tell me which cultures are most accepting of single women and what kind of special difficulties might I anticipate relocating on my own, if any?"

--Mary Catherine M., United States


"Are there many single women who do this?"

--Joan M., United States


"I'm a 56-year-old single American woman. I'm finding it more and more difficult to imagine staying employed until I'm 65, and being able to afford retirement in the United States on my Social Security, which will amount to US$2000 a month once I do retire.

"So I want to find out where I might be able to retire comfortably. Which countries are safest for single women?"

--Nancy J., United States


"Kathleen, are there any sites where I could communicate with single women who have taken the plunge in retiring to Panama on their own?"

--Helen C., United States


"Kathleen, I am a single woman who is close to retirement age and would like to retire to one of the places that you write about. But the very thought scares me, as it is a very large step to take on my own. I was wondering if you have some sort of a group for single women. Some way I could bounce some of my plans and fears off other single women in the same situation or where I could correspond with women who have made a move on their own already and who could encourage and advise me..."

--Joy P., United States

These and the literally hundreds of other e-mails like them that we've received in past months are a big part of the reason we've inaugurated our Overseas Retirement Circle. This is how you connect directly with like-minded folks looking to do just what you're looking to do--to start over, to reinvent themselves, to live, to retire, or to make some money overseas.

That is, single women readers, I invite you to connect with fellow single women

No, the Overseas Retirement Circle is not for single women only. It is for anyone looking to become part of a fast-growing retire-overseas community. It is a chance to connect with others who have the same concerns, questions, and frustrations that you have...and who you can turn to for support and real-world, firsthand insights into what it's like to live, retire, and invest in countries all around the world.

No matter what your circumstances, you'll find, among the Overseas Retirement Circle membership, others who share them.

You can read more about this retire-overseas fast track here.


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