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Retire In Ecuador

Benefits of Retiring in Ecuador

When you retire in Ecuador, you can receive up to 50% off public transportation, utilities, recreational activities, and events, reduced or eliminated income, capital gains, estate, property, vehicle, and sales taxes. You are also eligible for duty-free importation of household goods and expediated services (skipping the lines in places like banks). These are just some of the benefits you can receive as a resident under Ecuador’s pensionado program. To apply, you must have a US$800 monthly income from a pension-source, Social Security, or annuity, plus an extra US$100 per dependent and be at least 18 years old.

Without a pension-source income, this visa is still available, though with an added requirement: You must bring with you the equivalent of five years of the required monthly pension income (US$48,000).

A pensionado visa in Ecuador allows you to work even though you’re meant to be retired.

Ecuador’s great package of senior benefits:

  • 50% off all public transportation
  • 50% off national and international airfares
  • 50% off all cultural, sports, artistic and recreational events
  • 50% off electricity, water, and telephone service
  • Special discount on property tax
  • Relief from Ecuadorian income tax
  • Discount on vehicle tax
  • Discount on judicial fees
  • Refund of Value Added Tax (sales tax)

And best of all, you never have to stand in line; seniors always go to the front.

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