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Health Care In Ecuador

Quality Health Care In Ecuador At An Affordable Price

Health care in Ecuador is recognized by many as the best value for your money in the entire world. Ecuador’s cities are home to a number of high quality hospitals, with state of the art technology, specialists across the spectrum and excellent service. An added bonus: Ecuadorian doctors spend 30 to 45 minutes with each patient, so you can be confident your consultation is thorough.

Many retirees are choosing Ecuador based on health care alone.

Cost of Health Care in Ecuador

You can receive medical care at a cost of only 10% to 25% of that in the United States.

Insurance in Ecuador

If you prefer to have health insurance, it’s also relatively inexpensive— though of course the costs depend on your age. Most in-network items are paid at 90%, while out-of network costs are 80%. They even include US$30,000 of life insurance.

Pharmacies in Ecuador

The cost of brand-name prescription drugs is about one-third of the price of the same product in the United States, and generics are as low as one-tenth of the comparable drug. We have not heard of or experienced any problems with authenticity and all drugs we’ve seen are in manufacturer’s packaging from known companies, with lot numbers and expiration dates.

Dental Care in Ecuador

Quality dental care is available throughout Ecuador and much like general medical it is made affordable to everyone.

Expats report great experiences with dental care in Cuenca. If you will be back and forth between Ecuador and home, we recommend trying to schedule exams and dental work for when you’re in town.

Here are the prices from a dentist who practices at Santa Ana:

Examination-office visit: US$30
Ultrasonic cleaning: US$40
Fillings: US$20 to US$50
Root Canal: US$150 (single root)
Crown: US$250 to US$400

Nursing Care in Ecuador

This is a nagging issue for potential overseas retirees, so we were pleasantly surprised to find a new home in Cuenca at a good price. Our local contact in Ecuador has toured the facility with the doctor in charge, and spoke with a couple of family members, who reported they were very happy with the home.

The facility was clean, the staff was professional, and the residents were well dressed and well cared for.

The total cost was US$450 per month, which includes 24-hour doctor and nurse attendance, food, laundry, personal care, and occupational/rehabilitative therapy. Personal hygiene items (like toothpaste, hairbrushes, etc.) will need to be supplied by the family.

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