Cost of Living In Turkey

Cost Of Living In Turkey

Reviewed by Lief Simon

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Sunny day and old trabzon houses in Turkey

The average cost of living in Turkey is generally more affordable than the surrounding European destinations as it has yet to be accepted into the EU. However, we wouldn’t necessarily call it a cheap expat location.

As is the case with all destinations, bigger cities with more ammenities will cost more and the smaller, more rural towns will be more affordable.

Ammenities are not always included in rental prices but these utilities are not particularly expensive here.

Imported goods, on the other hand, are pretty pricey. Most locals take advantage of the weekly markets to buy fruit, vegetables, cheese, eggs etc.

Gasoline is another pricey item which is why most cars in Turkey are diesel.

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What About Health Care?

Turkey has made major improvements to its health care provisions over the past few decades, and the country has seen life expectancy go up and infant mortality go down as a result.

Life expectancy in Turkey is now 78.6 years, putting it three places ahead of the United States.

Turkey has provided universal public health care since 2003, financed through Social Security. It comes in at number 70 on the WHO’s rankings.

However, the reason this country is one of the world’s top medical tourism destinations isn’t because of its public health care system.

People seek Turkey out for cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and fertility treatments. It offers high-quality, immediate access to these services at affordable rates—50% to 70% less than the cost of comparable treatments in the United States.

About 1.2 million people travelled to Turkey for medical tourism in 2022, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.

And, in January 2024, Turkey relaxed one of its entry requirements: US, Canadian and Mexican travellers don’t need to obtain an e-visa for visits lasting fewer than 90 days.

Turkey - FAQs

What Is The Weather In Turkey Like?

Most of Turkey has a Mediterranean climate and enjoys four seasons that can be more and less harsh depending on the region.

Areas of Turkey nearer to the Black Sea experience the cooler Oceanic climate. However, areas of Turkey near the Sea of Marmara (this area includes Istanbul) have a transitional climate that straddles both Mediterranean and Oceanic climates.

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