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Live in Chile

Why Expats Are Choosing A Life In Chile

Up until the recent past the idea to live in Chile wasn’t something the normal expat would have thought about. Simply put, Chile has not received a lot of coverage as an expat destination. Budget destinations like Ecuador and Nicaragua and offshore banking destinations like Panama and Uruguay have grabbed the lion’s share of the coverage.

But Chile has long been a solid destination for those expats who want a First World environment, enjoy having four seasons, appreciate an honest culture, and aren’t trying to live like a king for around US$600 a month.

Unquestionably, life in Chile has significant appeal whether you are looking to retire, live short-term, or make this a permanent home.

Where to Live in Chile

The Lakes Region is what draws many expats to living in Chile, and it has held our attention for years. The mountains, lakes, and small towns offer an outdoor lifestyle that many will find refreshing and attractive.

Many expats report that after a month in Santiago, you come to appreciate the enjoyable, walkable, and convenient city lifestyle that it offers.

If you’d like less seasonal variance, you may also want to check out La Serena. It’s a small, clean, and well-preserved colonial city that’s located within a mile of a wide, beautiful beach.

Coming down the coast, you find beautiful coastal destinations, each with its own character and charm. Notable are;  Zapallar, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, and Pichilemú.

Concepción is an excellent choice for those who enjoy city living but don’t need to be in the megacity of Santiago. It adds an extra leg to your trip to Chile, but it has a sophistication and university-town feel, making it a livable, walkable city, and a worthwhile option.

If you’d really like to feel like you’re living at the end of the world, check out the island of Chiloé, south of Puerto Montt. The town of Castro, with its sheltered bay and fishing fleet, reminds us of a century-old version of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

With such a variety of lifestyle options, undoubtedly there is something for everyone to love when it comes to living in Chile.

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