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Puerto Varas, Chile

Puerto Varas: The City of Roses

Puerto Varas is located in Chile’s Lake Region, in the southernmiddle part of Chile. Unlike Punta Arenas and its lack of developed industry, Puerto Varas is already a popular place for local (and even some foreign) tourists seeking the great outdoors, but the cost of land and property in Puerto Varas is still reasonable. Puerto Varas is nicknamed the “Germany in Chile.” The city’s architecture is distinctly German, and, carrying the tradition of German rose gardens, the city boasts several beautiful rose gardens (lending another nickname to this culturally rich spot: “City of Roses”). The mountains, the national parks, and, of course, the lakefront of Puerto Varas are the draws for tourists.

Investing and Business in Puerto Varas

Businesses in the realm of outdoor activities (think camping, hiking) or extreme sports (mountain biking, base-jumping, rafting, kayaking) thrive here and would fit into the existing business landscape easily. Given that Puerto Varas is such a hub for visitors, the entrepreneur could look to bringing in hospitality and tourist services, from hotels to restaurants to recreation and tours.

The pure investor has a good, active short-term rental market to work with or could simply sit on this cheap land until someone else took an interest in developing it (which would only be a question of time).

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