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Infrastructure In Chile

Efficient, Reliable Infrastructure In Chile

With its modern, four-lane highways, reliable communications, and high standard of living, Chile is one of the easiest transitions for North American expats in Latin America. If not completely First World, it is not far off.

Chile feels efficient, well-run, and safe. In Chile, utilities work, water is drinkable, buses leave on time, phone and Internet are fast and reliable (the systems are the most advanced in Latin America), highways are modern, fast, and well-maintained, you can enjoy modern and efficient public-transit, and you can stroll the streets without danger.

Chile is also well-served for flights with seven international airports receiving almost four million visitors each year.

In these key ways, Chile differs from the cliché of the Latin American nation that struggles with corruption, political instability and poverty. And apparently Chile has stood out in this respect for much of its history as a nation.

It’s also worth noting that as of May 1, 2014, Chileans can enter the United States without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program. This is a big deal. It means that, in the eyes of the U.S. government, Chile is sufficiently strong and economically successful, such that its citizens have no need to overstay their visa in order to eke out a living in the United States illegally.

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