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Retire In Croatia

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Why You Should Consider Retiring To Croatia

Of all the countries you may have considered for retirement, you may find that retirement in Croatia would not have been at the top of your list. Surprisingly, living as a retiree in Croatia can offer many benefits. These include a lower cost of living, a robust and healthy Mediterranean climate most of the year… lovely views along the Dalmatian coast, and closeness to other European countries if you intend to travel a lot. When you consider the advantages, it’s well worth adding to your list of possible retirement spots across the globe.

Since you can visit Croatia for a full 90 days without having a visa, it might be wise to travel there in person and survey the various regions of the country. This may help you before making a final decision about whether retiring to Croatia is for you.

Where Are The Best Places To Live As A Retiree In Croatia?

If you decide to spend your retired life in Croatia, the cost of living is lower than many other European countries. In fact, the overall cost of living is up to 40 percent less expensive. It’s even more gentle on your wallet if you weigh the difference between the most populous Croatian cities and major cities in the United States.

The cities of Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Zadar are the most cost-effective places to retire once you move to Croatia. This is according to a 2017 cost comparison index.

As an example, it costs 47% less to live in Zagreb than it does to live in New York City. Meanwhile, residing in Split is roughly 47% less expensive than the cost of living in Los Angeles. Finally, Zadar is a whopping 62% cheaper than living in New York City.

Overall, the best place to retire in Croatia seems to be just about anywhere in the country. But particularly in the expat-favored cities we’ve listed above, the cost vs. quality seems better. If you are searching for a country in which to retire so you can make your dollars stretch farther, Croatia is a wonderful choice.

What Is The Cost Of Retirement In Croatia?

The cost of retirement in Croatia depends on your personal circumstances. You need to cover the cost of obtaining a visa, move your goods overseas and also buy international health insurance.

To obtain a retirement visa in Croatia, you must meet certain requirements. For a United States citizen, the best way to secure a retirement visa in Croatia is to obtain one through official routes. Namely, the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Washington, D.C. or the Consulate General in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles.

In addition to your visa, you must also provide authenticated personal documents to Croatia in the quest for residency. You may be required to provide a birth certificate, driver’s license, educational records, a marriage license or other personal documents. All of these documents will need having translation into Croatian. These documents will also need to have the so-called apostille stamp. The apostille stamp is a specific certification provided under the Hague Apostille Convention. It ensures the authenticity of submitted documents. To apply for such services, visit the Department of State’s Office of Authentications website.

Insurance and Cost To Retire In Croatia

Also, retirees who already have health insurance in the United States will not be covered in Croatia. Therefore, you will need to contact private insurance companies when in Croatia. These are usually based in the United States or United Kingdom, to ensure that you have the health coverage you need. Of course, the price will vary depending on the type of coverage plan you select through those companies.

The cost of retirement in Croatia is well within your reach, despite these government requirements. To retire in Croatia is doable with careful planning and a step-by-step strategy. It should cover:

  • Making sure your finances are in order
  • Obtaining your visa
  • Researching international health insurance
  • Selecting the best Croatian city for your needs
  • Securing a rental property or real estate
  • Other related considerations

Pros And Cons Of Retiring In Croatia

As with any other country, there are ups and downs of retiring in Croatia. On the upside, retirees in Croatia enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, warm weather through most of the year and healthy seafood.

On the downside, the logistics of government paperwork can move slowly. Filling out the paperwork, submitting forms and other related tasks related to living in Croatia can be cumbersome. It can take weeks or months to complete. While you can apply for a visa online, you will have to have a hard copy printed. This way you can sign it and deliver the paperwork directly to the proper agency in person.

In order to remain in Croatia and eventually establish residency, you will first need to obtain a temporary residence permit. In addition, it is a requirement to answer why you want to live in Croatia and provide ample documentation to support your position. Stating you want to retire there because you love the clear blue sea water or Mediterranean architecture will not be enough. To please the government. You’ll have to provide further reasoning.

However, if you have family there, own a business, or have investments in Croatia or have purchased real estate, those circumstances will go far in helping you establish at least a temporary residency. Interestingly, owning a yacht and having it in a marina there is a benefit when you decide to apply for temporary residency.

Recommendations For A Smoother Retirement Process

Now you know what is like to retire in Croatia and how you should best prepare to do so. We recommend that you keep current with any updated information that might affect your planned retirement move. A great way to start is to visit the US Department of State’s dedicated page for Croatia and the Embassy of Croatia’s website. By doing so, you can stay aware of any emerging travel alerts or new restrictions that could arise. in the intervening time between your departure date from the United States and your arrival to Croatia.

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