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Travel In Croatia

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Traveling in Croatia

If you’ve been considering adding a beautiful place to travel on your bucket list (or even if you’ve been seriously considering a huge move), consider moving to or even just traveling to Croatia. The gorgeous country of Croatia offers stunning coastline of the Adriatic Sea to the history-rich little villages along the coast. You’ll quickly come to find that travel to Croatia has recently become a popular destination. The reasons why are practically unlimited. From the rustic Italian experience you’re given, to the charming and quaint fishing villages to explore along the beautiful shoreline. Traveling in Croatia is a “must-see” and “must-do” for anyone serious about their adventures and travels. If you’re wondering how to travel to Croatia, look no further, because we’ve listed some of the greatest advice and helpful tips when it comes to travel in Croatia.

Places to Visit in Croatia

If you’re wondering where to go in Croatia, Croatia travel, or what the main points of interest in Croatia happen to be, look no further. From idyllic little towns to beautiful islands to popular tourist destinations, Croatia has a never-ending list of fun things to see, do, and explore. Listed below, you’ll find some of the most popular and loved destinations in this lovely country.

The Dalmatian Coast

Out of nearly 4,000 miles of picturesque coastline, the most well-known and famous lay of the land is called the Dalmatian Coast. This profoundly attractive coast boasts limestone cliffs and quaint islands just off the main shore. The modern travel town of Dubrovnik sits on the Dalmatian Coast, so there’s every reason to check it out.


This cute and charming island offers travelers some of the best weather and views in Croatia. The island is famous for its homemade wine and fields of lavender. The tiny island town of Hvar was once a quaint fishing village, but due to the popularity and location, it’s quickly become a “must-see” destination for travelers.


This amazing peninsula sits in the northwest of Croatia. Here, you’re offered authentic Roman ruins, coastal islands and towns, and a rustic Italian experience. Istria must be on any traveler’s list if you want to see what this gorgeous European place is all about.


Today it’s one of the most popular travel destination, but over five hundred years ago, this little town held one of the biggest Naval bases in the Mediterranean. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about any medieval wars breaking out. Now, this quaint and charming little town is a great place to tour old buildings, museums, and small Italian cafes. The beauty is limitless, so put it on the list.


More of a small-town, laid-back vibe kind of person? The island of Korčula may be for you. This adorable little town offers views galore, but you won’t find ritz and glitz here. Korčula is an actual fishing village at heart, but that doesn’t make it not worth seeing. In fact, because this little island is so authentic, it’s almost impossible not to want to experience it.

Transportation in Croatia

There are many countries where traveling around the cities and towns can be a headache. Fortunately, Croatia is not one of them. Your best bet as a traveler new to the country is to take advantage of public transportation; like the city bus! A dozen or so buses at any one time travel between the towns. From one large city to another, it takes a few hours—about three or four. And while the bus may be a little bit of a slower option than if you drove yourself, you can forget about the hassle of trying to find your way around by yourself, let alone driving in a foreign country. This is likely the most affordable option, as well, so kick back and relax and enjoy your bus ride.

If the bus is simply not an option for you for any reason, renting a car is both affordable and convenient. This is especially true if you have a desire to travel to wherever you want without being stuck on the bus route. Because all the biggest car rental companies have buildings in Croatia, you shouldn’t have to worry about being scammed. Don’t forget, however, that talking on your phone and driving is illegal in Croatia, so why risk it? Enjoy the extraordinary views instead.

Traveling By Boat In Croatia

One of the coolest, most authentic options for getting around Croatia happens to be the boats. Whether it’s a ferry boat or a charter boat, this is the perfect way to experience first hand the stunning sea of Croatia. Because Croatia is made up of so many small islands—about 1,200!—the water ferry is public, and they constantly travel between the islands.

If you’re thinking about booking your trip but aren’t sure when to go, keep in mind that the best time to travel to Croatia is during the months of May, June, September, and October. Locals claim these months are the best weather-wise; many sunny days that make for a perfect day on the sea or sunbathing on the shoreline. Travelling Croatia will be an amazing experience anytime, but these months happen to be the best.

Is It Safe To Travel To Croatia?

While travel in Croatia is relatively safe for seasoned travelers and newbies alike, you should always take Croatia travel warnings as a precaution. Keep in mind some of the more obvious precautions when visiting a foreign country like Croatia. For example, ALWAYS carry your passport with you, as this is a valid form of identification. You will need this (or another valid form of ID, but a passport is usually the best option) for renting a car. Checking into a hotel, etc. Because you will no longer be in the United States, if you ever need emergency assistance from somewhere and aren’t sure where to turn, you should contact the British embassy. Also, don’t forget to consider insurance—like travel and medical—before you go.

Whether you plan on taking a short trip to Croatia, or if you’re seriously considering moving there to live, explore the area and enjoy all it has to offer. There’s nowhere else quite like it.

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