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Move to Croatia

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Moving to Croatia

If you long for deep blue seas, ample fishing villages, private beaches, Roman ruins, a fabulous lake district, and medieval walled cities, then there are ample reasons to move to Croatia. Expats are looking favorably toward this small, pristine country. It is a land of visual wonders, but it is smaller than the state of West Virginia. There is 21,851 square miles and 1,185 islands to explore. This southeastern European country sits right in the middle of Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Slovenia. The warm, tropical breezes, of the Adriatic Sea, make it a great vacation destination. Located in a Mediterranean-type climate, the warm summers and mild winters entice people from all walks of life. Moving to Croatia from the U.S. can be quite a culture shock, but it is a challenge many are endeavoring.

Things To Consider Before Your Move

Why should you move to Croatia? Well, if you love history, are obsessed with food and wine, then there is no better place to be. Unlike other European countries, such as France, England, and Italy, you won’t feel pressure to put so much time in viewing museums and other monuments. Rather, the bulk of your days can be spent taking in the awe-inspiring views of the Adriatic Coastline. The best thing to do in Croatia is drink wine and sit on some of the world’s best beaches. The pace is a bit slower and life just seems a little bit sweeter. But, you may be wondering how to move to Croatia.

Cost of Living

Moving to Croatia from the US will show you how different pricing is around the world. Though it is not as cheap as living in countries like Panama, it is 50 percent cheaper to live here than in most European countries. Transport costs are around 30 percent cheaper. Taxes are quite high, but the prices of goods are very low. A gallon of milk is $1.13 in US Dollars. Expect to pay $27.00 a month for electricity, and $19.00 for water. As far as housing, it is all over the market. Each city has differing prices. A 2-bedroom apartment overlooking the ocean was only $112,000 in Split. It is one of the more reasonable places to live.


This small maritime country is unspoiled, relaxed, beautiful, and safe. It is like stepping back in time to how America used to be. As far as crime goes, it is very unlikely in this area. You can walk down the streets at night with no worries. People leave their doors unlocked and they don’t live in fear. Out of 100, this country ranked 73 percent safe, which is much higher than most European countries.


To move to Croatia, you will need to obtain a visa. To obtain this document, you can request it from the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Washington, D.C. You can also get it from the Consulate General in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. You cannot travel without this documentation.

Temporary Residency Permit

You need to fill out a temporary residency permit to live in the area. You need to state your reasons for coming here. It may be employment, real estate, family, or business. Something as small as having a yacht in one of the Croatian marinas will allow you to be granted residency.

Health Insurance Coverage

Getting permission to come into the country is not difficult. However, keep in mind that your health care will not cover you here. Most US health insurance policies are inactive in Europe. So, you will need to purchase a policy for this land. Many companies in Europe and the United States sell such policies. Since all the areas have major healthcare facilities, you will never be far from medical care.

Logistics of Moving to Croatia

Transporting your goods to this country seems to be the biggest hassle with moving. Any new items purchased will be subject to the VAT and Duty tax. Used items are not required to pay these surcharges. Here are some other things to consider.

Moving Goods

Be sure to use a reputable transport company that has plenty of experience moving goods from the U.S. to Croatia. Get a written quote that lets you know a specific delivery date. You cannot just use any company as there are product codes that must be used for all incoming freight. Also, make sure their estimate includes all costs. You don’t want to be stuck paying for duty taxes or any tariffs that may apply. Plan for up to a month in travel time on goods.

Transporting A Car

Delivering a car overseas means that a company must be able to ship a car by boat or air freight. Both methods are used by transport services. Moving the vehicle from port to port is a tedious process. Air freight is a bit more expensive and usually only utilized for the higher end or exotic automobiles. The price of transporting a car can vary greatly depending on location. Other factors are also included, such as the weight of the vehicle. There is a great deal of legal paperwork required to transport a car.

Moving Pets To Croatia

There are complex rules regarding the transport of animals to Croatia. To get approval, you will need to have the pet medically checked out by a veterinarian 10 days before their transport date. This certificate of health is essential to get into the country. They will need a passport with a record of all vaccinations, to be microchipped, a purchase invoice that has the animal’s value, and a rabies antibody neutralizing test.

Shipping Appliances To Croatia

Shipping appliances are similar to shipping an automobile. Due to the cost involved, it is often more economical to sell the appliance stateside and buy a new one when you get to Croatia. All US refrigerators will need an adapter to transfer them to the European electric system. There are several moving companies that will assist with this type of transport.

Becoming An Expat

Why do people move to this country? Well, you haven’t lived until you have watched the night sky change from a vibrant flaming orange to a soft shade of lavender. This area provides some of the most incredible visual attractions around. Pair that with the royal blue waters and it is nothing short of paradise. On the Pakleni Islands, there are numerous secluded beaches. There are hidden coves that make you feel like you are isolated in a fantasy world. If you are asking yourself should I move to Croatia, then the answer is yes!

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