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Information on Italy: One Of The Most Culturally Rich Countries in Europe

If you’re looking for quintessential Old World lifestyle, Italy deserves your attention. The old towns are charming, and the countryside between is pleasant. Even excluding the big cities like Rome, there is enough here to keep your interest and to support a fully appointed life on the Continent. What’s more, life here can be much more affordable than back home.

Stitching together seascapes with lush mountain valleys, Abruzzo is one of Italy’s secret treasures—and you’ll love it. No over-crowding, no heavy industry. Hiding away down its curvy roads are castles, vineyards, and villages made of stone and memory. Life in the Abruzzo hasn’t changed that much over the years, and it’s like wandering into a gentler, kinder yesterday…a yesterday with little or no crime and neighbors who watch out for each other.

Living in Italy

If you have ever thought about living in Italy, you are on your way to make a great decision. Italy is an incredible country with a lot of culture, friendly people, and interesting architecture. It is an undoubtedly interesting place to live if you are thinking about making abroad.

To help you better understand what to expect from Italy living, where the best places to live in Italy are, and what’s it like to live in Italy as an expat, we have compiled tips and information on anything you would like to know about life in Italy.

Where are the Best Places to Live?

Undoubtedly, everyone has their preference of what type of cities they like. Everyone is different and a small city may be the perfect destination for one person. Yet, another person may appreciate bigger cities with more to do.

Following are a few of the most idyllic cities in Italy for you to consider when you plan where to live in Italy:


Abruzzo is a beautiful area in southern Italy which many consider being ideal for retirement. It isn’t as well-known as other parts of Italy, such as Tuscany, which helps it to be more affordable for anyone thinking about buying a home in Italy. From its charming towns to its beautiful coastline, and gorgeous hills and mountains, it provides people with a relaxing and quiet place to settle down in.

Le Marché

Located in the central zone of Italy, Le Marché is romantic, and captivating with its towns full of incredible architecture, its beautiful landscapes, and its friendly people. What helps it stand out as a great place for settling down, is that it is yet to be a place overrun by tourists. Also, because this area of Italy is mountainous, you will get your fill of incredibly gorgeous mountainous landscapes. While there isn’t a lot of tourism in the area, the people in Le Marché are still welcoming and friendly and will receive you happily.


If you love forests and greenery, you will absolutely adore Umbria as it has its reputation of being the “green” area in Italy. There are plenty of areas for hiking, delightful vineyards, and incredible architecture. There are several welcoming towns that may be ideal for settling down in if what you are looking for is a romantic location which will offer you luxury and comfort in one of Italy’s best-kept secrets.

What are Some Things to Keep in Mind?

While Italy should be high on your list of places to live if you want to move abroad, you should keep these following tips in mind before you set out on your journey:

Italians Are Not Big On English

This isn’t to say that no one speaks it because a very large percentage of Italians do. Still, they appreciate that those who are visiting their country make the effort to learn Italian or at least show that they are interested in trying.

Those who automatically think that everyone is willing to or does speak English will soon find it’s not likely. Make an effort to speak Italian, even if you fumble with your words. It will be appreciated.

Check Visa and Residency Options and Requirements

It’s one thing to visit with a tourist permit for a month or so. But it’s another thing to try to live in Italy. It is important to take the time to apply for a visa, whether a student, work, or permanent one. Before taking the step to move there, check your requirements. Especially if you plan on buying a home and moving in.

Be Open, Respectful and Friendly

There is something to consider before moving to Italy and that is that they don’t take too kindly to foreigners who come to partake of the country and enjoy all the beautiful things that it offers while criticizing it. If you plan on moving to Italy, it is important to remember to always be respectful and friendly. Italians are friendly people who will happily accept you when they see that you respect and care about their culture.

In Rome, Do As The Romans!

While not the most important aspect of your life in Italy, try to upgrade your wardrobe before deciding on living in Italy as an expat. They are very conscious of dress. Where people can walk around in sweats in North America, in Italy this is considered in poor taste if you aren’t exercising. Don’t worry, you may have some fun trying out new styles. They say that when you dress well, you feel better. So take a page from the Italian “rule-book”. Discover how great it feels to look good and feel it, too.

Of course, this isn’t an extensive list of everything you can expect about your move to Italy… but it will definitely help you to get started preparing for a new life. Italy is a highly-coveted destination for retirement and with good reason; the food is amazing, the people are interesting, and the scenery is beautiful in most areas. It’s worth adapting to.

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