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Copper Coast, Ireland

Ireland's Charming Copper Coast

When the sun shines in Ireland, there really is no better place to be than along the Copper Coast. Because the country is way down the list of sun destinations, Irish coastlines are, for the most part, well preserved and underdeveloped. Once you venture a few miles beyond the well-known beaches, it’s easy to find quieter coves where you can swim alone or share the sand with just a handful of families.

The Copper Coast, a stretch of coastline that starts about 20 minutes from Waterford City and is named for the copper that was once mined from the local rock (and still visible in the dramatic cliffs that provide welcome shelter along the beaches and coves here).

The farther along this coast you go, the quieter it gets. While this tranquility is something most welcome, say goodbye to facilities. Going off the grid means leaving shops behind.

If you are seeking a superior quality of life, the Emerald Isle has many options. And for those looking to escape to a more natural setting, surrounded by lush countryside and perched above the sea, it doesn’t get better than the Copper Coast. The Copper Coast, a stretch of dramatically beautiful coastline in an overlooked part of Ireland that boasts a particularly rich history and heritage. The copper Coast has charming, traditional villages, and a strong sense of community spirit with plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Cost Of Living In The Copper Coast

Ireland makes more sense for the would-be foreign retiree right now than it has in nearly a decade. Thanks to the worldwide financial crisis, the costs of both real estate and of living on the Emerald Isle have fallen dramatically, making a new life in the Auld Sod a more realistic option than you may have been thinking. In addition, of course, Ireland offers all the Old World charm, beautiful countryside and coasts, and welcoming hospitality you could hope for. A couple could live and retire in the Copper Coast region on as little as 1,900 euros per month.

Monthly Budget For A Couple Living On The Copper Coast, Ireland

Living ExpensesCostsInclusions
Gas€23Used for cooking and heating.
InternetN/AIncluded with telephone.
Cable TV€33

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Infrastructure On The Copper Coast

You’ll need to pack a good picnic lunch and snacks—along with plenty of fluids—for the day ahead. Toilets on this coast are a rarity, as are lifeguards, and forget communication. On the Copper Coast obtaining a telephone signal is not possible. If you want to meet your friends at the beach, you need to get in touch with them in the early morning to let them know your plans. This region gives you the chance to escape from the usual routine…and trade the trappings of our modern world for clear water, golden sand, dramatic rocks, and the sounds and smells of summer.

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