Abruzzo, Italy

sun shining on a hillside town in italy

A View of Charming Abruzzo, Italy

The Abruzzo region is the most overlooked and undervalued in Central Italy. You can buy here for 30% to 70% less than in Tuscany or Umbria.

But Abruzzo isn’t only affordable. It is also at least as appealing as either of Italy’s more famous regions, with both mountains and sea coast, meaning you can ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon.

Plus, daily flights on Ryanair make the region super-accessible from elsewhere in Europe, and, in summer, regular flights connect you from New York and Toronto to nearby Pescara. Or fly to Rome. Abruzzo is only an hour’s drive away.

However, here’s the best part: Right now, not only can you buy cheap in this region, but you can also buy special.

Example of Real Estate on Offer in Abruzzo

For example, near the 16th-century thermal spring town of Caramanico, is a pair of 200-year-old apartments, one partially restored, the other not at all restored but with vaulted ceilings. The price for the pair, with 200 square meters between them, has recently been reduced from 83,000 euro to 65,000 euro. That’s 325 euro per square meter. The properties boast features like fireplaces, large Majella stone slabs (these, from the nearby mountains, that today would cost 350 euro apiece), a garden, and a terrace and could be converted into ideal rentals.

Then there’s an old watermill, characteristic of the region but difficult to find for sale today. However, this one in Abruzzo currently on the market is about 100 years old, nestled in an extraordinary setting, private and surrounded by nature, but only five minutes from the nearest restaurant and 10 minutes from the nearest town. In other words, ideal for a B&B project.

The property is about an acre in total, with a small river running along one edge, and, in addition to the brick and stone mill, contains various outbuildings and other stone structures that could be converted to guesthouses. The price has been reduced from 155,000 euro to 135,000 euro.

Living Costs in Abruzzo, Italy

As always, expenses depend on your lifestyle. Is your idea of dining out a village pizzeria with a wood-fired oven or a fancy fish restaurant in Pescara? Are you happy with local wine by the liter, or can’t you imagine life without imported beer? Do you plan to have weekends away in Rome? But to give you an idea, the Abruzzo Monthly Budget includes some basic costs of living.

Monthly Budget For A Couple Living In Abruzzo, Italy

Click here for currency conversion at today’s exchange rate.

Rent €674  
Gas €25  
Electricity €102  
Water €17  
Telephone €17  
Internet €30  
Cable TV €33  
Groceries €375  
Entertainment €257  
Total €1,530  

Citta Sant’Angelo, Abruzzo, Italy

Citta Sant’Angelo is a town located on a hill in eastern Italy, in the province of Pescara of Abruzzo Italy, a short distance from Pescara and about an hour’s drive from Rome.  Citta Sant’Angelo is a classic, small Italian village with a population of just over 15,000.  This town is set apart from others in the area as it has something that might remind you of home…an outdoor outlet mall, similar to those of Southern California.

Citta Sant’Angelo has numerous beautiful and historic churches within its city limits, the most notable being the Collegiate of San Michele Arcangelo with its bell tower which stands over 157 feet tall and a wooden statue of Saint Michele.  The town also has a contemporary art museum, Museo Laboratorio d’Arte). The surrounding fertile landscape is blanketed with crops of olive trees and vineyards.  This city is often included in “Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages”.

Carnival in Italy is a big deal and Citta Sant’Angelo is no exception.  Carnival here celebrates ‘Ndirucce, a 19th century personality famous for performing satirical rhymes about the village.  Today, each quarter of the town participates in the Carnival by making up humorous songs, called ttavitte, about local politicians and members of the town.  There is a jury who awards a prize to the quarter that has made up the best ttavitte, because during carnevale, anything goes!

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