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Cost Of Living In Italy

The Best Of The Tuscany Is Surprisingly Affordable

While there are areas in Italy that can be very expensive, by and large the country can provide retirees with genuine opportunities to live comfortably on a budget. While a millionaire’s lifestyle in Italy will cost just as much as elsewhere in the developed world, if you’re prepared to simplify, Italy can put a much lower price tag on your retirement. In some of the country’s less well-known rural districts, expat retirees report that their expenses drop by as much as 80 percent compared to life in major cities in the United States. If you’re willing to live like a local, Italy can bring an affordable retirement in beautiful surroundings at a fraction of the cost of other locations.

Real Estate Prices in Italy

Of all the regions with real estate in Italy for sale, Abruzzo is one of the least well known to foreigner purchasers, but it has some of the best potential. From the beaches on its east coast to the forest areas of the interior and its famous wine country, Abruzzo offers a huge diversity of rustic settings and a number of attractive real estate options. Although tourists and expats have recently discovered the area, prices for real estate in Abruzzo are still extremely affordable.

Property in Abruzzo, for example, can be up to 80% cheaper than Tuscany, and up to 50% cheaper than Umbria. The region’s lack of employment opportunities has been the primary reason. For decades, people have had to leave the area to find employment. This has resulted in properties standing empty.

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