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Valletta, Malta

Valletta: Where History and Happiness Come Together

Valletta boasts a rich history with historical treasures on the corner of every winding cobblestoned street. But this is also a modern European capital with great shopping by day and entertainment nearby at night. With the city set to take to the world stage as the European Capital of Culture for 2018, the city is enjoying a makeover, with many of its beautiful old buildings being restored and revamped. If you like having everything on your doorstep, a lot to see and do, then Valletta is for you.

Malta is the main island of the country group, and home to the country’s capital, Valletta. To drive from Valletta to the furthest coast on the opposite side of the island takes only 45 minutes.

Much of the historical center of Valletta closes down quite early, and most of the nightlife is focused around the popular tourist destinations of Sliema and St. Julian’s Bay. While not the prettiest parts of the country (many of the old buildings you find elsewhere have been replaced by modern developments), if you’re looking for lively, this is where it’s at. Bars, restaurants, and other eateries run right along the coast here. Paceville, meanwhile, comes alive at night and is the main location for nightclubs and bars for the under-30 group who stream off flights on packaged holidays in high season.

Cost of Living in Valletta, Malta

Here is the cost of living for a retired couple in an unfurnished, two-bedroom apartment or house in Sliema. (Sliema is a residential suburb of Valletta. It’s not easy to find property for sale in the hostoric center, so most “Valletta residents” live in the residential Sliema or the tourist’s party hub of St. Julien.)

Monthly Budget For A Couple Living In Valetta, Malta

ExpenseMonthly CostNotes
Rent€ 787Unfurnished, two-bedroom apartment or house in Sliema, a residential area just outside of Valletta. It’s not easy to find property available in the historic center, so most “Valetta residents” live outside it.
Gas€ 14 For cooking.
Transportation€ 75A tallinja card (15 euros) gives 12 trips by public transport; occasional taxis.
Electricity€ 50
Water€ 25
Cell PhoneN/AHome internet, cable, landline, and cell service bundled together.
Internet and Cable€ 43.42Home internet, cable, landline, and cell service bundled together. Basic cable plan including 29 channels (both Maltese and Italian); 100 Mbps home internet connection; monthly mobile
Medical Appointment€ 10 Basic doctor/clinic appointment; per visit.
Groceries€ 320 Basic items for couple.
Entertainment€ 302 Movie tickets: 7 per ticket; dinner and drinks for two: 20-60; drinks for two: 16.
Household Help€ 224Two four-hour visits per week; 7 per hour.
Total€ 1,850.42 US$ 2,098.91

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