Best Places In Latin America To Retire As A Nudist

“Kathleen, what countries are the best places to retire for nudists? Is Belize a good place, or Ecuador? I’m not looking for a place where nudism is flaunted, just a place where I can enjoy being a nudist at times and not be illegal.”

–Sanford I., United States

Latin America Correspondent Lee Harrison responds:

Nudist beaches in Latin American tend to fall into two categories. One is beaches that become nude beaches simply because they’re remote…as happens the world over. Anyone is welcome at these beaches, as they’re unregulated.

The other category is “official” nude beaches that are identified by the government as naturist sites. These beaches are most frequented by couples and families; in a few cases, single men are not entirely welcome.

In Chile, the only official nude beach I know of is Playa Luna. It’s near Valparaiso, which is a great place to live…as is nearby Viña del Mar.

Nudity is permitted on any Uruguayan beach, although it’s unusual on the busy ones. Uruguay has two official nudist beaches, one at Playa Chihuahua, near Punta del Este, and the other at Aguas Dulces, between La Paloma and the Brazilian border. On occasion, I’ve seen nude people in the nearby neighborhoods when looking for properties.

Brazil has eight official naturist beaches along its coast. The one nearest my own home was Praia Tambaba in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil’s first. The Brazilian state with the most nudist beaches is Ilha Santa Catarina, with four.

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