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Cost Of Living In Uruguay

Save Money And Enjoy A Lower Cost Of Living In Uruguay

Uruguay is one of the best places to live in South America and it’s a place that more and more Americans are flocking to.

Sure, it has its pros and cons – like anywhere else – and depending on where you’re coming from, cost of living could be either a pro or a con to you.

Compared to areas like California, Uruguay is cheap. But compared to say Panama, Uruguay is a little more expensive.

Let’s look at the cost of living in Uruguay in a little more detail…

Cost of Health Insurance

A couple who had just shifted to Uruguay from the US was recently interviewed.

They were asked about their experiences in Uruguay.

Overall they were extremely pleased with Uruguay’s cost of living, and in particular, the cost of healthcare there.

They explained how it cost them about US$17,000 a year for health insurance in the US.

However, in Uruguay are paying only about US$2,000 a year – a substantial savings.

As an example, a home visit from a family doctor – something that’s almost never done in the US anymore – cost only about US$10.

Renting A Home In Uruguay

Of course not every person wants to or can afford to buy a house in a foreign country.

Therefore, a lot of people rent when starting a new chapter of their lives there.

Here are some sample rental prices:

An apartment with one bedroom, outside the city center will set you back US$440. Inside the city center, US$521.

A 3-bedroom apartment outside the city center averages US$732. Inside the city center, US$864.

Cost of Food in Uruguay

Here are some prices for common foods, current as of November 2016…

    • Domestic beer – US$2
    • Bottle water – US$2
    • Coke or Pepsi may cost about US$1.50
    • One liter milk may cost about US$1
    • Eggs may cost you around US$3 a dozen

For fruit, the prices vary:

  • Bananas may be about US$3 per KG
  • Oranges may be about US$2 per KG
  • Apples might also cost you about US$3 per KG

Of course things fluctuate but that gives you an example to compare to what you’re paying back home.

Monthly Utilities in Uruguay

Monthly utilities such as gas, internet, etc. are also something you need to be prepared for if considering a move to Uruguay.

Basic utilities such as water, heating, and hydro, etc. add up to about US$153 a month. Internet will set you back about US$30 for 10MBPS, with unlimited data.

Transportation in Uruguay

Many in Uruguay travel by bicycle or even on foot. These are of course free.

Uruguayans find walking to be a great social activity.

When they are walking around town, they often bump into people they know and spend some time socializing.

We’re not entirely sure if this is completely accurate of if the average Uruguayan cannot (or doesn’t want to) pay for a vehicle.

Public transit is definitely widely used though. Its plentiful and reliable.

  • A monthly public transportation pass costs about US$43 on an average
  • Taxi taking you one kilometer will charge you about US$0.75

Of course, there are plenty of cars in Uruguay too, and you’re welcome to bring your own (if you’re that adventurous) or buy one here like many American Expats do.

How Taxes Affect the Cost of Living in Uruguay

While Uruguay is fantastic and cost of living is relatively inexpensive, don’t forget to consider taxes which be as much as 23% on retail products.

Anything imported from the US will likely be taxed on import and considerably more expensive than you’re used to back home.

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