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Travel In Uruguay

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Scenic, Serene Traveling in Uruguay

Uruguay is a South American country known for its scenic beauty and picturesque coastline.

However, compared to most other countries Uruguay is often ignored by travelers, with the misconception being that it does not have many places of interest for tourists to visit.

We disagree. And after reading this, we hope you’ll be intrigued enough to head to Uruguay too – even if only to visit.

Here are some areas of Uruguay you might want to pay special attention to…

Traveling In Colonia del Sacramento

This is situated in proximity to the city of Buenos Aires, which is located just on the other side of the Rio de la Plata.

The Colonia is wildly popular because of its Historical Quarter, which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this ancient Portuguese city, the streets are cobbled and lined with a myriad of beautiful churches, museums and old buildings.

This is coupled with a scenic river and an old bullring called, the Plaza de Toros.

Traveling in Montevideo

This is the country’s capital and the biggest city within its confines.

Montevideo is an ancient city with the architecture and culture mostly influenced by European culture.

However, despite being the capital city, it has a very laid back and “chill” aura. Some of the most historic attractions in the city include the old city quarter, the Puerta de la Ciudadela (the port) the Teatro Solis (a theater), and Parque Rodó (a park).

In addition to this, another landmark you must see in your Uruguay travels is the Rambla, which is a promenade that stretches almost 22km along the coastline, where the Rio de la Plata reaches the Atlantic Ocean.

Traveling in Punta del Este

Punta del Este is located almost 13 km away from Montevideo. It is one of the most famous beach towns in South America.

This happens to be an incredibly popular destination for tourists – mainly Argentines and Brazilians.

Apart from beaches and scenic beauty, Punta del Este also offers other past times, which include a glamorous nightlife and modern city life. This has gained the attention of many celebrities and other rich and famous.

Spend your days in Punta enjoying the beaches, browsing the main shopping avenue of Avenida Gorlero or looking at local handmade crafts at the fair.

The beachfront boulevards coupled with the lighthouse and the yacht harbor is also worth a visit.

There are also the endless restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and parties that have made the town famous.

You can take a day tour from Montevideo to see its top landmarks.

Traveling The Rocha Coast

This area honors the national slogan of Uruguay Natural.

Top favorite places to visit here include; the La Paloma, Cabo Polonio , and the La Pedrera.

These three places are famous amongst tourists and people of all ages, including young adults, families, and backpackers.

Cabo Polonio is a rustic village, which does not have access to electricity or running water.

In some ways, this offers an escape from the modern, fast-paced life for a little while, and teaches you to appreciate the simple yet littler things in life. This is one real reason to travel in Uruguay, you can get back to the basics.

La Pedrera, on the other hand, is perfect if you want to learn how to surf or catch the perfect wave.

Lastly, La Paloma is a small town that offers all the comforts that a tourist might need on his or her vacation.

Traveling in Piriapolis

Before the city of Punta del Este became the popular tourist summer destination, Piriapolis was the choice of every tourist.

Despite this, it remains, even today, famous for its beaches and the peaceful atmosphere it offers.

Apart from the Rambla de Los Argentinos, one of the most famous attractions in Piriapolis is Sugar Loaf Mountain, better known as Cerro Pan de Azucar.

This is the third highest point in a mostly flat Uruguay. From atop the mountain, one can see an endless array of views of the scenic beauty, the coastline, and the beautiful landscape.

In addition to this, you have the option of going to San Antonio Hill, which is located near the center of the town. To get to San Antonio Hill, a chairlift must be used.

If you’re headed to Piriapolis, you can take a bus from Montevideo, the capital of the country; or simply rent a car and head out for some adventure of your own.

These are just a few of the places anyone who is traveling through Uruguay should visit.

It is a beautiful country and should appeal to the adventurist in you, whether you’re going as a tourist or as a new expat.

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