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Infrastructure In Uruguay

First World Infrastructure In Uruguay

Infrastructure in Uruguay is First World and first rate across the nation. In Uruguay you’ll enjoy fast, modern highways, reliable phone, cell, and broadband Internet service, well-maintained beaches and good public facilities, a public radio system, and drinkable water from every tap. You won’t find a town in which this isn’t true. You’ll even enjoy the use of free Wi-Fi on buses and in town squares in cities.

Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city, has a very high level of infrastructure, including its shipping ports. The city’s airport is modern and well maintained, providing a great deal of access to the region. Since the airports and shipping ports are tax free there are many high value companies operating in these areas.

Uruguay’s power supply system is quite reliable and spread to nearly all of the country’s population. As an added bonus, the main source of power comes from renewable energy.

Uruguay has made paying taxes easier for companies by continually upgrading and improving their electronic system for filing and paying major business taxes. The country has also made trading across borders easier by implementing a risk-based inspection system. The system is designed to reduce customs clearance time for both exports and imports.

In a recent announcement from July 2016, President Tabaré Vázquez announced the biggest investment in Uruguay’s history. UPM, a Finnish company, will invest US$5 billion over the coming years on projects aimed at improving logistics and infrastructure in Uruguay. These projects will include over 200km of highways, new railways from the port in Montevideo, and even port development to increase capacities for import and export. Sources are estimating that Uruguay could see somewhere close to 8,000 jobs created as a result of this foreign investment in infrastructure.

One thing is for certain, Uruguay has its sights set on improving its country over the coming years and cementing itself as a powerhouse in the region. 

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