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Retire In Uruguay

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Retiring in Uruguay, The Hidden-Gem Of South America

Recent trends have shown an increase in people choosing to retire in Uruguay. The country remains one of our top choices for retirement, and for good reason.

Uruguay is renowned internationally for the myriad of beaches that run along its coasts, including those along the Costa de Oro (the Gold Coast).

In spite of the many fiscal crises happening across the world, Uruguay has managed to prosper economically. The country is thriving and its easy to see why retirees are flocking to it’s shores.

Uruguay is almost always ranked among the top retirement destinations in the world.

Consider the following…

The Uruguyan People

Uruguayans are known for keeping their word and conducting their affairs in the most peaceful, non-violent of manners.

The vast majority of Uruguayans are hard-working. They believe in utilizing their time in the most efficient of ways, keeping both corruption and crime low.

And even though they are hard-working, they still take plenty of time to enjoy life and to have fun – something many Americans readily admit they’ve forgotten how to do.

You’ll love living amongst the people of Uruguay, whether it be in an expat community or among the locals.

The Lifestyle and Environment

Uruguay has four season, none of them extreme.

Their culture and way of life has a mixture of influences including Italian and other European heritages. So it’s not unusual to see extremes like opera houses and tango clubs in the same barrios.

Wifi is strong and readily available, even in many town squares and on public transportation. Roads and highways are kept in good shape and cell phone service is abundant.

Uruguay has a great combination of low crime rates and relatively high incomes compared to other countries in Central or South America.The reasonable income rates lend to a low poverty rate, which presumably keeps the crime rate in check as well.

If you are considering retirement in Uruguay for the safety, then you’re on the right track.

Easy Retiree Residency and Citizenship

Citizenship is relatively easy given the low financial requirements for doing so (great for retirees).

It usually takes around three to five years to get approval for citizenship, but the residency card (called a Cedula) becomes available much earlier on.

A Cedula is issued at the time of the application, regardless of the approval.

The benefit of this is that you are allowed the same luxuries and facilities available to any other national of the country.

The easy residency also allows you to import your household items before residency has even been granted.

Low Cost of Living

The Costa de Oro offers the lowest cost of living in Uruguay. Property is cheaper as well, compared to many other towns. This area is situated between two towns, namely Antlatida and La Foresta, which have only a few apartment complexes. Surprisingly, you’ll find mainly houses here, and not as many condos. The Costa de Oro is a top retirement destination for South America.

In this area known as The Gold Coast in English, it’s still possible to buy beachfront property for as low as US$75,000.

Quality Health Care For Retirees

Due to Uruguay’s national health care system, everyone, including foreign citizens, has access to quality medical care.

And you have the option to choose from a high-end private medical institute or a government funded hospital.

The private health care center costs approximately US$100 per month, and provides access to more pleasant conditions and fewer numbers of patients.

In this regard, the British Hospital is recognized as one of the best medical facilities available in the country, and is open to Americans and other nationalities too.

Safety and Stability

At different times in its history, Uruguay has been a part of Spain, Portugal and Brazil. It fought its final war – a civil war – with Brazil in 1828 with the help of Argentina.

However, in current times, the country enjoys the lowest levels of corruption in Latin America. This is especially important if you considering retiring in Uruguay and worried about the South American crime rates that the U.S. media loves to display.

It is also a politically and financially stable democracy, one which has an elected president and judicial system. Lower crime and poverty rates are also an added benefit.

Beautiful Countryside

Uruguay is blessed with countless natural beauty. The fertile land makes it possible for the country to cultivate and grow anything from beef to oranges to eucalyptus trees. All these make for very picturesque landscapes.

Moderate Climate

Uruguay has four mild seasons, with 82 degrees being the highest temperature during their summer.

There is no frost or snow, but Uruguay does have a definite rainy season.

Moreover, the sea breezes eliminate the need for an air conditioner, but heaters are essential to survive the winters.

While Uruguay may not be the most affordable option for retirement compared to other Latin American countries like Nicaragua or Panama, it does have its unique benefits and indeed is more suitable for many Americans.

Someone with a monthly retirement pension of around US$2,000 or more could enjoy one of the best, relaxing retirements money could buy.

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