Real Estate In The Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, you told the July 6 Mailbag reader: ‘House Hunter’s International is geared toward a different audience than our readership. Sure, you can seek out US$1 million-plus properties throughout Central America and the Caribbean, as House Hunter’s does. But the bargains we write about are there, too.’

“My husband and I were on an episode of House Hunters International in 2008 when we bought our vacation/rental house in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, for US$165,000. It’s 300 steps from the beach and has a private swimming pool!

“I only discovered Las Terrenas because of an article you published a few years ago. And I know that our house is not the only property of its kind here.

“Also, our house is available for rent:

“The House Hunters International episode featuring our place will air again Friday, July 23, at 7 p.m. East Coast time on HGTV.”

— Susan M., United States and Dominican Republic


“Kathleen, thanks for your reply to Ellen W. in a Mailbag earlier this week.  My question is, what was she doing inBelize in the first place?

“The country is still Third World, and, yes, the infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired. However, Belize is beautiful, and it is slowly improving. Yes, there are no exciting restaurants and nightlife to speak of, but, as you stated, that is not why you come to Belize. You come to Belize to mind your own business and to stay out of politics. The government is not intrusive as in the United States and other G20 nations.

“That’s why I have property there. Nice reply.”

— Richard D., United States

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