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Moncion, Dominican Republic

A Quiet, Wholesome Town

Moncion is located in the southwest region of the Santiago Rodriguez province of the Dominican Republic.  Before colonization, this province was knows by the locals as Guaragano.  It was given its present name in the late 1800’s in honor of General Benito Moncion.  Moncion has a population of about 40,000.

Moncion is most popularly known for its production of casabe, a thin, crusty flat bread made of yucca flour and water, cooked at high temperatures.  This region has been making this bread for centuries. In fact, when the Spanish first arrived in the Dominican Republic, they soon realized this type of bread could last much longer without getting moldy in this warm and humid climate.  To this day, casabe is a popular daily staple in the Dominican diet.  It is eaten as a breakfast food or even as an accompaniment to soups or hot beverages.

Every year the city of Moncion celebrates its Patron Saint, Saint Anthony, with a nine-day wholesome festival of parades, games, live music etc. which take place mostly in the Municipal Park and surrounding areas.

Monthly Budget For A Couple Living In Moncion, Dominican Republic

Expense Monthly Cost
Rent DOP 600
Gas DOP 300
Electricity DOP 1,200
Transportation DOP 2,390
Telephone DOP 300
Internet DOP 800
Cable TV DOP 1,500
Groceries DOP 14,000
Entertainment DOP 11,000
Total DOP 32,090

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