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Malta Fast Facts

beachgoers on the beachin malta

Population: 445,426
Capital City: Valletta
Climate: Mediterranean

Waterways, docks, beaches and the Old World are combined while Living in Malta.

Language: Maltese
International Dialing Code: +356
President: George Vella

The Mediterranean island of Malta

The tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, stretching just 122 square miles, is a true gem. Malta is becoming both an investment and a retirement hot spot—and it’s easy to see why. The Maltese archipelago (made up of three main islands) is one of Europe’s smallest countries. But, while it may be small, it has a lot to offer. Its rugged coastline boasts dramatic cliffs and tiny coves dotted with ancient forts and quaint fishing harbors. Inland, stone walls separate fields cut into strips of olives, wheat, and potatoes. Wine production is also popular, and vines hang heavy with grapes all over the island. Malta, from its weather and its food to its history and culture, is quintessential Mediterranean Europe.

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