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Malta Fast Facts

Population: 445,426
Capital City: Valletta
Climate: Mediterranean

Language: Maltese
International Dialing Code: +356
President: George Vella

The Mediterranean island of Malta

Marsaxlokk Harbor, Malta

The tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, stretching just 122 square miles, is a true gem. Malta is becoming both an investment and a retirement hot spot—and it’s easy to see why. The Maltese archipelago (made up of three main islands) is one of Europe’s smallest countries.

But, while it may be small, it has a lot to offer. Its rugged coastline boasts dramatic cliffs and tiny coves dotted with ancient forts and quaint fishing harbors. Inland, stone walls separate fields cut into strips of olives, wheat, and potatoes. Wine production is also popular, and vines hang heavy with grapes all over the island. Malta, from its weather and its food to its history and culture, is quintessential Mediterranean Europe.

The residency card and passport for Malta are indispensable documents. And Malta has the only citizenship-by-investment plan approved by the European Council. Maltese citizens have visa on arrival or have visa-free access to 183 countries as of 2020. The e-ID card that is common and easily obtainable with

your passport is valid for the whole Schengen area and also extends to the remainder of the states of the EU.

History of Malta

Because of its central location in the Mediterranean, this beautiful island nation has a complex, and somewhat turbulent history. Throughout the centuries, every regional power sought to dominate the islands of Malta… from the Phoenicians of the 7th century B.C. to Carthage, to Rome, to the Vandals, to the Byzantines, to the Vandals, the Ottomans, and most recently the Germans and Italians in the World War II.

Today, Malta remains a sought-after destination, though no longer as a place to conquer. Today, Malta, which is an offshore haven belonging to the European Union, is an great choice for someone who wants to establish residency, set up a company, open a savings account and pay little or no state tax in a nation where one of the official languages is English.

Mediterranean Life

 Gozo island, Malta

The climate here is typical Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild winters. The average yearly temperature is 73˚F (23˚C) during the day and 61˚F (16˚C) at night.

Thanks to its warm climate, white beaches and azure seas, Malta is the perfect place for watersports. Diving, swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling are some of the most popular pastimes in the area.

Malta has a rich history which will keep any history buff occupied, you can visit the Lascaris War Rooms which were used to defend the island during World War II, or Fort St. Elmo which saw the death of over 1,500 knights during the Siege of Malta, or you can make a trip to the National Museum of Archeology which features artifacts from the Neolithic Period, weapons from the Bronze Age, an amulet featuring the gods Horus and Anubis, and many more historical treasures.

Should I Move to Malta?

Malta is a nice place for retired people who want to enjoy the sun and the outdoors. The Mediterranean climate and waters can make this a pleasant haven, especially for those who have grown tired of colder weather. On top of the great climate, Malta also offers top-notch healthcare at an affordable price.

Malta is also a perfect destination for an expat to raise a family. It is one of the safest small countries in the world, it has high education standards, and the Maltese people care about each other and are welcoming to foreigners.

Malta is not for adults only. In one of several hundred language schools, tens of thousands of students are learning English and enjoying a safe day and night life. Speaking of security: Malta is a busy island with an enormous port at its disposal. Endless waves of visitors, day by day. It is still, however, a reasonably stable destination.

iStock/Fine art and commercial photographer based in Belgrade, Serbia.

But Gozo is different. If you stroll through the pleasant little villages, you’ll see a lot of keys left in the doors. The Gozitans are not absent-minded people; the key in the door indicates that you are invited to enter and the owner is at home.

For many, the island nation is a premier place for business and a sanctuary for their assets. For anyone with funds to enjoy, Malta is a fantastic playground, and compared to the high quality of life, costs are remarkably low.

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Get Your Free​ ​Overseas Information Report Today!

​Learn more about ​​​​​MALTA​ ​​​and other countries in our free, daily Overseas Opportunity Letter​​​​​​​​​. Simply enter your email address below and we’ll send you our FREE REPORT – ​​The 10 Best Places To Retire In 2021