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Climate in Malta

A nice, warm, sunny day on the coast of Malta with a few fluffy white clouds and the deep blue waters below.

Malta’s Mediterranean location means its scenery changes dramatically over the course of the year. The islands enjoy a daily average of around 12 hours of sunshine in summer going down to five to six hours in midwinter. It makes for a landscape that switches from green and verdant to dry and parched in the height of the summer. The weather system is dictated by the Mediterranean Sea it sits on, so you can expect a climate on par with what you would find in Italy, southern Spain, and elsewhere. You see wind and quite a bit of rain in winter, but, come summer, you can bank on waking up to the sunshine every morning.

Temperatures are stable, with an annual mean of 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Monthly averages range from 54 to 88 degrees. Relative humidity is consistently high and rarely falls below 40%. It depends, of course, on individual taste. If you’re a fan of the sunshine but still like the idea of living somewhere with seasons, Malta has one of the best climates you’ll find anywhere.

Climate In Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta - 16 January
16° 12°



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