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Cost of Living in Croatia

Cost of Living in Croatia - A Great European Option For Expats

Keeping in mind that we are talking about a popular European country, the overall cost of living in Croatia is a main attractive. It ranks among the lowest in Western Europe and the US.

Even so, lately, the Adriatic Sea and the Dalmatian coasts have pulled a great amount of interest for retirees. Now, Croatia has gained a reputation as a Grade A retirement destination and tourism.

Because of this increase in numbers, the cost of living has risen consistently for a while. Prices in Croatia tend to be higher than its Eastern counterparts. But still, it represents a better bang for buck.

Housing Costs in Croatia

Housing costs can represent the major expenses for expats looking to move here. You may find limited rental options, but still, you can scavenge some great deals. Of course, coastal or big cities like Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar and Zagreb, will come with the highest price tags.

Renting In Croatia

A three-bedroom apartment on downtown, for example, can go for about 3,500 Kuna (544 dollars at the time of this writing) a month. The same house on the outskirts can rent for about 2,700 kuna ($411). While housing can be more expensive than in other Eastern countries, Croatia offers better prices against Western countries.

Real Estate Investing In Croatia

Average prices per square meter are 14,000 Kuna in the downtown of cities, and around 9,350 Kuna outside of it. Normally, Real Estate transactions are made in Euros, so be sure to have a handle of the currency.

The cost of properties across the country range from €75,000 all the way to €4 million and higher. Calculate what you can afford in a mortgage payment and then begin to explore the many areas.

Groceries in Croatia

Like in most European countries, grocery bills can take a big bite out of your budget. It all depends on your tastes, though. Are you ok with national orange juice? Can you live without Florida’s Natural?

Imported goods tend to be costly around Europe, especially those that come from America. Sticking to hunting in markets and buying national products is the way to go for your budget. A family of four reportedly spends around 5,000 kunas (around $760), and around 1,111 kunas ($164) on average per person.

Internet and Entertainment Costs In Croatia

Internet connection is a sweet deal in Croatia. A high-speed internet connection (500 Mb/s download) costs around 200 kunas in average. This is the premium cost. A 100 Mb/s connection goes as low as 10 euros a month.

Eating outside is considered reasonable. People tend to pay around 100 to 150 Kuna for a complete meal per head in a mid-level restaurant (alcohol included). Going to the movies costs around 35 kunas, not including beverages or sweets.

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