Expat Life In Medellin, Colombia


“Kathleen, I recently purchased your book and was disappointed that there was no mention of Medellin, Colombia. Then I signed up for your e-letter, and, lo and behold, I see that this is where you have been featuring the benefits of this city!

“I am retiring at the end of the year and moving to Medellin. My son, daughter in-law, and grandson moved there two years ago to teach. So, after much discussion with family here, I decided to make the move there to relax, enjoy family, and explore some consulting opportunities.

“I missed your conference in Medellin. Do you have tapes or books available with the content of the conference? I am sure that the information will be helpful for me as I adjust to my new life there in Medellin.”

–Rhonda H., United States

I didn’t include Medellin in my “How To Retire Overseas” book because I didn’t discover it in time. It will be in the next edition.

Yes, we did record every presentation during our most recent Live and Invest in Colombia Conference. You can access those recordings and other materials from the event here.

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