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Infrastructure In Belize

Belize Infrastructure

Infrastructure in Belize is poor and extremely limited. This isn’t the place to come if you want things to work as they do back home.

For a long time Belize had some of the most expensive Internet service in the world, however things have improved and many users are now opting for wireless services. Satellite Internet is an option for expats running a business online. Still, while Internet is passable in Belize City, it remains poor in the rest of the country.

Belize has four major paved roadways: Phillip Godson Highway (formerly Northern Highway) from Corozal to Mexico, George Price Highway (formerly Western Highway) from Belize City to Guatemala, Hummingbird Highway from Belmopan to Dangriga, and Southern Highway from Dangriga to Punta Gorda. (It’s worth noting that while the official names of these roads have been changed, the change hasn’t trickled down into common speech. Most people still call them by their original—logical—names.) These two-lane highways are pretty much the only paved public roads in Belize, generally, other paved roads are privately owned and maintained. While the highways are in fairly good condition, expect the unexpected. It’s not uncommon to be delayed on a highway due to a downed tree, a flooded plain, or simply a reunion between two friendly drivers who met on the road and decided to stop for a chat.

Off the highways, roads in Belize are rough, and it is certainly a good idea to have the option of four-wheel drive. There are very few police vehicles in Belize, so, for safety reasons, “sleeping police” (speed bumps/pedestrian crossings) are common on the highways around villages. They are usually marked, but occasionally one will sneak up on you.

When driving on the Northern and Western highways don’t be alarmed when you come to a check point; they’ll slow you down only long enough to read the insurance sticker on your windshield, be sure it is always up to date. Also, hitchhiking is a common form of transport, don’t be surprised if you’re flagged down by a lady carrying groceries, men with toolboxes, or kids asking for a ride up the road. Feel free not to stop, but this is common practice here.

Bus is a common form of transport in Belize, both in the city and the rest of the country. You can buy tickets in advance, but flagging down is the most common way to catch a ride. Some bus routes may only run once a day, more populous areas may get more frequent service.

Five major airlines have regular flights to the international airport in Belize, including Delta from Atlanta, American from Miami and Dallas, United from Houston, and U.S. Airways from Charlotte.

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