San Ignacio, Belize

a street in San Ignacio Belize lined with shops and eateries

Laid Back Yet Bustling San Ignacio

San Ignacio, originally El Cayo, is located in the western part of the Cayo District of Belize.  It is the hub of the area and the second largest settlement in the country.  The town has an area of roughly 2.5 square miles.  It is connected to its “sister city” Santa Elena by an elevated bridge

Although San Ignacio is a popular destination for tourists with many sites to explore including the Mayan ruins, a Forest Reserve, caves, butterfly farms, botanical gardens etc., the town maintains its local island vibe surrounded by raw, natural beauty.  There is a sizeable expat community that lives in San Ignacio and others who live on the coast often escape to San Ignacio during tourist season when the beaches become more crowded.

The San Ignacio lifestyle caters to those looking for a life that is healthy, slow-paced, and relaxed.  Weekly markets turn into social events where everyone comes to buy local, reasonably-priced produce, herbs and regional food.  It is a backpacker’s dream with trails to hike and an eco-tourism haven with species of plants and animals on display in all their glory.

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